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Welcome to the George Washington University’s Compliance and Privacy Office website.

We hope you will find the information on this web page educational and helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the contents of this page, you can direct them to Comply@gwu.edu.

Senior Associate Vice President
and Chief Compliance Officer

Edwin C. Schonfeld
phone: 202-994-3190
fax: 202-994-3390

Compliance Specialist
Matthew Nisinson, J.D.
Phone Number: 202-994-3397
Fax Number: 202-994-3390

Director of Compliance and Ethics
Helen Spencer
Phone Number: 202-994-3396
Fax: 202-994-3390

Director of Compliance and Data Privacy
George G. Guzman
ph: 202-994-6226
fax: 202-994-3390

Executive Assistant
Phone Number: 202-994-3386
Fax Number: 202-994-3390

For questions or comments about The George Washington Compliance Office, e-mail us at comply@gwu.edu or call (202) 994-3386.

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