Center for International Science and Technology Policy



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The University of Manchester, PREST, Policy Research in Engineering Science and Technology.

IST Evaluation and Monitoring
Wolfgang Polt, Nicholas Vonortas, Institut fur Technologie- Und Regionalpolitik

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The Five-Year-Assessment Panel


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Yongsuk Jang

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by Yongsuk Jang and Nicholas Vonortas

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Yongsuk Jang

Collaborating with the US for S&T: Standpoints of Foreign Countries
Yongsuk Jang

Korean Strategies and Practices for International R&D Cooperation - Dr. Yongsuk Jang
Yongsuk Jang


Government Role and Strategy for Emerging Technologies: How close to Industry?
Yongsuk Jang

Launch Vehicles: An Economic Perspective
Henry R. Hertzfeld; Ray A. Williamson; and Nicolas Peter, M.A. ISTP '06


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Five-Year Assessment of the European Union Research Framework Programmes
Nicholas Vonortas, Rapporteur of the Five-Year-Assessment Panel
Professor of Economics and International Affairs; Co-authored by the remaining members of the Five-Year-Assessment Panel

Future Directions in Satellite-Derived Weather and Climate Information for the Electric Energy Industry: A Workshop Report
Ray Williamson; Henry Hertzfeld; and Avery Sen, M.A. ISTP '04


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