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April 27, 2010 "Sceince, Technology and Innovation Capacity Building for Development: A World Bank Perspective." ESIA Room 505

Alfred Watkins

Professional Biographical Data 

Alfred Watkins is the Science and Technology Program Coordinator for the World Bank and head of the World Bank’s Science, Technology and Innovation Global Expert Team.  He is responsible for designing, developing and helping to implement the World Bank’s global STI capacity building programs or for maintaining the World Bank’s STI dialogue with G-8 governments, bilateral donors, and various multilateral and UN agencies.   

Under his leadership, in December 2009 the World Bank convened a Global Forum on STI Capacity Building Partnerships for Sustainable Development.  He is now leading the effort to prepare an Action Plan to convert the ideas discussed at the Forum into a specific policies and programs that can be financed and implemented by the World Bank, in collaboration with other development partners.  In February 2007, he organized the World Bank’s first Global Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation Capacity Building for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction.  (Presentations from both Global Forums as well as Proceedings from the February 2007 Global Forum are available online at .)  In February 2005, he organized a High Level Expert Seminar in Moscow, Russia that was co-chaired by the Prime Minister of Russia and the President of the World Bank. 

In addition to these broader corporate functions, Mr. Watkins has helped to design and organize World Bank STI capacity building programs in Rwanda, Ghana, Tanzania, and The Gambia.  Prior to assuming this assignment, Dr. Watkins helped to develop the World Bank’s S&T program in the former Soviet Union and produced S&T policy reports and project documents for Kazakhstan, Latvia, and Russia.  Dr. Watkins also led the World Bank team that designed and implemented an innovative World Bank non-commercial risk guarantee package for the Sea Launch Commercial Space Launch project in Russia and Ukraine.  

Prior to joining the Bank, Dr. Watkins was an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin and served as an economic advisor to several Members of Congress.  

His recent Science and Technology publications include: 

Science, Technology and Innovation:  Capacity Building for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction (with Michael Ehst).  Procedings of the World Bank Global Forum on STI Capacity Building (World Bank, 2008) (available at ) 

Building Science, Technology and Innovation Capacity in Rwanda:  Developing Practical Solutions to Practical Problems (with Anubha Verma).  (World Bank, 2008) (available at ) 

“Creating a 21st Century National Innovation System for a 21st Century Latvian Economy (with Natalia Agapitova), Policy Research Working Paper No. 3457, November 2004  

"From Knowledge to Wealth: Transforming Russian Science and Technology for a Modern Knowlege Economy," Policy Research Working Paper No. 2974, February 2003 



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