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Director R.S. Heller

The courses listed below are restricted to students who participate in the Elizabeth J. Somers Women’s Leadership Programs on the Mount Vernon Campus.

1020 WLP Humanities Seminar (3)
  A writing-intensive seminar that emphasizes critical reading skills, concepts of disciplinarity, and processes of producing and legitimating knowledge. Texts and emphasis vary according to cohort.
1101-2 Women and Leadership (3-3)
  Women’s status and leadership roles examined from various perspectives and various fields of endeavor, such as science and technology, the arts, international leadership, and U.S. politics and policy. Prerequisite to WLP 1102: WLP 1101 or permission of the instructor. Concurrent registration in WLP 1110-11 is required.
1110-11 Women and Leadership I Symposium (1-1)
  A series of special programs that complements WLP 1101-2. Concurrent registration in WLP 1101-2 is required.
1120-21 Women and Leadership II Symposium (0 or 1 each)
  A series of special programs and experiential learning. Concurrent registration in WLP 2151 is required for WLP 1120.
2151 Theory and Practice of Women’s Leadership (3)
  Contemporary theories of leadership; factors affecting women as leaders; building leadership skills through experiential learning. Prerequisite: WLP 1102 or permission of instructor. Same as Psyc 3151.
4198 Independent Study (3)

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