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University Bulletin: Undergraduate Programs The George Washington University  



See Exercise Science.

Credit for these courses is not recognized for any degree or certificate offered by GW. The University is not responsible for injuries received in any of the activities of these courses, and the student assumes full responsibility therefor.

1011 Hiking (1)
1012 Dance Conditioning (1)
1014 Meditation (1)
1015 Japanese Swordsmanship (1)
1020 Beginning/Intermediate Golf (1)
  Course fee.
1021 Foil Fencing (1)
1022 Basketball (1)
1024 Volleyball (1)
1026 Karate (1)
1027 Tennis (1)
1028 Massage (1)
  Course fee.
1029 Yoga (1)
1030 Fitness—Selected Activities (1)
1031 Weight Training (1)
1032 Aqua Aerobics (1)
1033 Swimming (1)
1035 Rock Climbing (1)
1037 Indoor Soccer (1)
1038 Racquetball (1)
1039 Cardio-Kick-Boxing (1)
1040 Self-Defense and Personal Safety (1)
1041 Mat Pilates (1)
1042 Cardio-Conditioning (1)
1043 Tai Chi (1)
1044 Aikido (1)
1045 Experimental Activities (1)
  Topic and laboratory fee (if charged) announced in Schedule of Classes.
1046 Taekwondo (1)
1048 Horseback Riding (1)
  Course fee.
1049 Boxing (1)
1053 Squash (1)
  Equipment fee.
1056 Scuba Diving Certification Course (2)
  This is an entry-level PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) course, leading to international diver certification. Course fee.
1062 Conditioning/Weight Training (2)
1065 Introduction to Therapeutic Massage (2)
  Course fee.
1066 Sports Massage (2)
  Course fee.
1067 Group Fitness Instructor Training (2)
1068 Sport Clinics and Workshops (1 to 3)
  There may be a laboratory fee, amount announced in Schedule of Classes.
1071 Anatomy for Teachers of Yoga (1)
  Functional anatomy as applied to yoga: muscles and how they move in yoga poses; bones and how they function; the physiology of stretching; the dynamics of breathing; the stress reaction; and anatomy and physiology as they apply to the yogic “energy” body.
1072 Methodology for Teachers of Yoga (1)
  Principles of demonstration, observation, and instruction of postures/asanas. Different teaching and learning styles, appropriate assisting/correcting of students, and qualities of a yoga teacher.
1073 Yoga Technique I (1)
  Teaching basic standing and seated Hatha yoga.
1074 Yoga Technique II (1)
  Teaching basic backward- and forward-bending Hatha yoga postures/asanas.
1075 Yoga Technique III (1)
  Teaching basic inversion and twisting Hatha yoga postures/asanas.
1076 Yoga Teacher Practicum (1)
  A culminating course to help students further develop teaching skills through assisting with instruction of classes taught by a RYA instructor.


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