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Minor in linguistics—15 credit hours of courses in linguistics, including Anth 2601/Ling 2601 and four courses from the following groups. Psycholinguistics—Anth 3603/Ling 3603. Applied Linguistics—Chin 3123-24 /Kor 3123 -24; SpHr 2130, 2131. Biological Foundations of Language—SpHr 2105, 2106. Sociolinguistics—Anth 3601/Ling 3601, 3602.

2601 Language and Linguistic Analysis (3)
  Same as Anth 2601.
3601 Language, Culture, and Cognition (3)
  Same as Anth 3601.
3602 Ethnographic Analysis of Speech (3)
  Same as Anth 3602.
3603 Psycholinguistics (3)
  Same as Anth 3603.
3691 Special Topics in Linguistic Anthropology (3)
  Same as Anth 3691.

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