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See East Asian Languages and Literatures.

1001-2 Beginning Japanese I–II (4-4) Hamano, Tsujioka
  Fundamentals of grammar and pronunciation, with graded reading and practice in writing. Laboratory fee. (Academic year)
1005 Intensive Beginning Japanese (8) Staff
  Intensive beginning course equivalent to Japn 1001-2. Laboratory fee. (Summer)
2003-4 Intermediate Japanese I–II (4-4) Hamano, Tsujioka
  Continuation of grammar, with emphasis on speaking, reading, and writing. Prerequisite: Japn 1002 or 1005 to 2003, Japn 2003 to 2004, or approval of instructor. Laboratory fee. (Academic year)
2006 Intensive Intermediate Japanese (8) Staff
  Intensive intermediate course equivalent to Japn 2003-4. Prerequisite: Japn 1002 or 1005. Laboratory fee. (Summer)
3105-6 Intermediate Japanese III–IV (3-3) Staff
  Continuation of reading of texts, writing of short pieces, conversation, systematic review of grammar. Prerequisite: Japn 2004 or 2006 to 3105, Japn 3105 to 3106; or approval of instructor. Laboratory fee. (Academic year)
3111-12 Japanese Literature in Translation (3-3) Hanami
  An introductory survey of Japanese literature read in English translation, including fiction, poetry, drama, essays, diaries, testimonials. Japn 3111: the pre-modern period; Japn 3112: the modern period. (Academic year)
3162 Japanese Culture Through Film (3) Staff
  Survey of the Japanese cultural heritage presented through films. Topics include literature, philosophy, art, religion, and social history from premodern times to the modern era. Lectures and discussion in English. (Fall and spring)
4107-8 Readings in Modern Japanese (3-3) Hanami and Staff
  Readings in selected modern literary works, social science materials, and documentary materials. Prerequisite: Japn 3106 or approval of instructor. (Academic year)
4109 Introduction to Bungo, Literary Japanese (3) Hanami
  Introduction to Bungo, the literary Japanese used in official government documents up to World War II, newspapers and journals through the Meiji period, and literature from the prose of the Tales of Ise to the poetry of Tawara Machi. Prerequisite: Japn 3106 or approval of instructor. (Fall)
4110 Readings in Classical Japanese (3) Hanami
  Readings in premodern texts in Japanese literature, history, and philosophy. Prerequisite: Japn 4109 or approval of instructor. (Spring)
4121-22 Advanced Conversation and Composition I–II (3-3) Staff
  Productive skills at the advanced discourse level, topic-specific practice of commonly used speech patterns and writing formats. Prerequisite: Japn 3106 to 4121, Japn 4121 to 4122. (Academic year)
4185-86 Directed Reading (3-3) Hanami and Staff
  Reading of material in the student’s field of interest. Admission by permission of instructor. (Academic year)
4198-99 Proseminar: Readings for the Major in Japanese Language and Literature (3-3) Hanami, Hamano
  Recommended for all majors. Preparation for advanced research in Japanese sources. Practice in consulting Japanese reference material and translating sources for writing in English. Seminars on advanced reading, translation, and critical methodology. Prerequisite: Japn 3106 to 4198, Japn 4198 to 4199. (Academic year)

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