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University Bulletin: Undergraduate Programs The George Washington University  



Professors E.J. Cherian, M.J. Granger, E.G. Carayannis

Associate Professors R.G. Donnelly, W.H. Money, J. Artz, S. Dasgupta (Chair)

Assistant Professors R.A. Lumley, W. Duan

See the School of Business for programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration and the combined degree program leading to the Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Science in Information Systems Technology.

3119 Introduction to Programming (3) Staff
  For students already familiar with basic computer concepts, who will learn a programming language, such as Visual Basic, useful for business applications. Emphasis on computer applications in accounting and management information systems through hands-on programming. Prerequisite: BAdm 2301. (Fall and spring)
4120 Structured Development with CASE (3) Granger, Dasgupta
  Analysis, design, and implementation of management information systems (MIS). Structured methodologies and techniques for various stages of the MIS development process. Computer-aided software engineering tools. May be taken for graduate credit with permission of program director and instructor. Prerequisite: ISTM 3119 or permission of instructor. (Fall and spring)
4121 Database Design and Applications (3) Granger
  Theory, architecture, and implementation of database management systems in corporate and organization information systems. Fundamental concepts of database management and processing. Hands-on experience with database management packages. Prerequisite: ISTM 3119 or permission of instructor. (Fall and spring)
4123 Business Data Communications (3) Staff
  A technical overview of data communication concepts that are useful in the design and management of local and wide area networks. Internet technologies and their business applications are emphasized. Prerequisite: BAdm 2301. (Spring)
4130 Writing on the Ethics of Technology (3) Artz
  Complex ethical dilemmas inherent in the introduction of new technologies and the influence human behavior asserts on these problems. Students write stories to explore and evaluate specific ethical problems relative to technology from various perspectives.
4900 Special Topics (3) Staff
  Experimental offering; new course topics and teaching methods. May be repeated once for credit.
4995 Independent Study (3) Staff
  Assigned topics. Admission by prior permission of advisor. May be repeated once for credit. (Fall, spring, and summer)

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