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University Bulletin: Undergraduate Programs The George Washington University  



Professors Y.S. Park, H.G. Askari, F. Robles, R. Weiner, J. Yang, S.S. Rehman, D. Guthrie, D. Leipziger

Associate Professors R.W. Click, J. Ferrer (Research), J.W. Spencer (Chair), J. Forrer (Research), L.A. Riddle, A. Phene, M. Ayyagari, H. Berry

Assistant Professors P. Dastidar, R. Lucea, S. Jandhyala, H. Bogaard, W. Chen, A. Helm

See the School of Business for programs of study leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration.

Departmental prerequisite: IBus 3001 is prerequisite to all other IBus courses except by permission of the instructor; additional prerequisites are listed with the courses.

The green leaf indicates that the course addresses environmental, social or economic sustainability.
3001 Introduction to International Business (3) Spencer, Riddle, Ayyagari, Lucea, Jandhyala
  The international business environment, including social, cultural, political, technological, and institutional domains. Multinational corporation strategic imperatives and organizational challenges, including financial, marketing, human resources, and other aspects of management. Prerequisite: Econ 1011-12; prerequisite or corequisite: BAdm 2201 or Econ 2181 or 2182. (Fall and spring)
3201 International Marketing Management (3) Robles, Riddle, Helm
  Introduction to international marketing analysis and strategy, and the dynamic nature of international markets. Analysis of different types of international markets and formulation of strategies at the entry and global stages. (Fall and spring)
3301 International Business Finance (3) Rehman, Yang, Click,
  Ayyagari, Chen Analysis of the international economic environment and its influence on corporate financial management of international operations. Prerequisite: BAdm 3501. (Fall and spring)
4202 Regional Strategy for Multinationals (3) Robles
  The business, economic, investment, and market environments in different world regions. The regional strategy framework and economy. Generation of regional market opportunities.
4203 Foreign Market Analysis (3) Robles
  Project course involving market research for target market selection, market entry strategy, in-country marketing plan, and recommendations for strategy implementation in the target country. Focus on consulting process as ancillary component. Prerequisite: IBus 3201.
4302 International Banking (3) Park
  Theory and practice of international banking; analysis of international commercial and investment banking from a management perspective; subjects include current international monetary and financial environment, money and capital markets, and topical problems of international banking from a management perspective. Prerequisite: IBus 3301.
4303 International Monetary and Financial Issues (3) Askari, Rehman, Yang
  International macro and micro issues of money and finance examined from a management perspective. Globalization, international monetary systems, LDC debt crises, corporate governance and valuation, and the role of the IMF and the World Bank. Prerequisite: IBus 3301 or permission of instructor.
4401 Managing the Multinational Enterprise (3) Spencer, Phene
  The changing nature of the international environment and the resulting effects on strategy of U.S. and foreign multinational corporations.
4402 Managing in Developing Countries (3) Riddle, Leipziger
  Challenges of operating in developing countries. Cross-country experience and case studies exploring issues of institutions, corruption, infrastructure, private–public partnerships, competition, regulation, and global standards.
4900 Special Topics (3) Staff
  Experimental offering; new course topics and teaching methods.
4995 Independent Study (arr.)
Assigned topics. Admission by prior permission of advisor. May be repeated once for credit. (Fall and spring)

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