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See Classical and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.

1001-2 Beginning Hebrew I–II (4-4) Staff
  An active presentation of Hebrew as it is spoken and written today. Comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills are stressed. Laboratory fee.
2001-2 Intermediate Hebrew I-II (4-4) Staff
  Further development of skills in speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension of modern Hebrew. Texts range from Israeli newspaper items to selections from classical materials. Prerequisite: Hebr 1001-2 or equivalent. Laboratory fee.
3001 Hebrew Conversation and Writing (3) Staff
  Reading and writing at the intermediate to mid-high level, with stress on conversation and oral comprehension. Contemporary cultural and social aspects presented through selections from nonfiction and short fiction, films, and TV programs. Prerequisite: Hebr 2002 or permission of instructor.
3101 Modern Hebrew Literary Classics (3) Staff
  Prose and poetry of a century of writing from the beginning of the Hebrew literary renaissance to contemporary Israeli literature, including works of Bialik, Agnon, Hazaz, Amichai, Oz, and Yehoshua. Discussions stress historical development and authors’ treatments of tradition and modernity.
3102 Israeli Society and Culture: Literary Perspectives (3) Staff
  A study of literature reflecting such contemporary issues as the conflict between the “builders’ generation” and their children; the cultural contacts of Ashkenazim and Sefardim; image of the Arab; impact of the Holocaust; Zionist ideals and current realities.
3103 Israeli Cinema (3) Staff
  Film considered as both an artistic and a historical medium that reflects and comments on the history, politics, and culture of Israel. The kinds of issues that Israeli films raise and the cinematic style that distinguishes them.
3301 Modern Hebrew Fiction (3) Staff
  Study of selected modern Israeli short stories and poems. Prerequisite: Hebr 3001 or permission of instructor.
3302 The Israeli Media (3) Staff
  Explores the Israeli press, television and radio news broadcasts in Hebrew; focuses on developing increasing proficiency in reading and aural comprehension through class discussions and written assignments in Hebrew. Prerequisite: Hebr 3001 or permission of instructor.
4001-2 Advanced Hebrew Literature (3-3) Staff
  Selections from Hebrew literature throughout the ages: Bible, Rabbinics, medieval Hebrew literature; classical motifs in modern Israeli literature. Literary analysis (writing and discussion) in Hebrew. Prerequisite: Hebr 3301 or permission of instructor.


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