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Professors T.M. Barnhill, W. Handorf, M.S. Klock, I.G. Bajeux-Besnainou, G.M. Jabbour, R. Van Order (Chair)

Associate Professors N.G. Cohen, P.S. Peyser, A.J. Wilson, R. Savickas, S. Agca, G. Jostova, A. Baptista, M. Hwang

Assistant Professors C.A. Pirinsky, B.J. Henderson, O. Altinkilic

Professorial Lecturers S. Uyanik, R. Strand

See the School of Business for programs of study leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Accountancy and Bachelor of Business Administration.

Departmental prerequisite: BAdm 3501 is prerequisite to all courses in the Finance Department.

3001 Intermediate Finance (3) Wilson
  Theory and practice of acquiring and using funds. Simulations of business decisions by cases and/or models to assess the risk/return interaction of investment, financing, and dividend decisions. (Fall and spring)
3101 Investment and Portfolio Management (3) Baptista, Henderson
  Theory and principles of security analysis and portfolio management, including analysis of the national economy, industry, company, and security markets. Risk–reward and computer-aided analysis. (Fall and spring)
3201 Exploring Finance with a Financial Simulation (3) Wilson
  Corporate financial analysis as explored through the FINGAME financial simulation software. Focus on intertemporal decision making for capital budgeting and financing of a simulated firm.
3301 Money and Capital Markets (3) Hwang, Klock, Van Order
  The process of capital formation in a free enterprise economy, with special emphasis on factors affecting the level and structure of interest rates. Money market, capital market, and derivative contracts (futures and swaps) are evaluated from both investment and financing perspectives. (Fall and spring)
4001 Advanced Financial Management (3) Barnhill, Cohen, Altinkilic, Savickas
  Analysis and readings covering applications of theory to financial management. Case studies for decision making involving working capital, capital budgeting, financing, dividend policy, and valuation. Prerequisite or concurrent registration: Fina 3301 or 3001. (Fall and spring)
4101 Applied Financial Securities Analysis (3) Jabbour
  Practical security analysis techniques and investing approaches employed by professional investment managers. Prerequisite: BAdm 3501. (Fall and spring)
4201 Real Estate Investment (3) Hwang
  Principles of real estate investment, including valuation, appraisal, financing, and development, in addition to a discussion of the mortgage market and its institutions. (Fall)
4900 Special Topics (3) Staff
  Experimental offering; new course topics and teaching methods.
4995 Independent Study (arr.)
  Assigned topics. Admission by prior permission of advisor. May be repeated once for credit. (Fall and spring)

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