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See Fine Arts and Art History.

The green leaf indicates that the course addresses environmental, social or economic sustainability.

Note: Upper-division fine arts courses may be repeated for credit with approval of the undergraduate fine arts advisor or the department chair. A course fee is charged for all fine arts courses listed here except FA 1075, 4195, and 4199.

1011-12 Design (3-3) Staff
  Fundamental studies of principles and elements of design. FA 1011: two-dimensional design. FA 1012: three-dimensional design.
1014 Handbuilt Ceramics (3) Ozdogan and Staff
  Working with clay as an art form. Pinch, coil, slab, hump and press mold, paddling, and hollowing techniques. Sketch studies, clay and glaze making, reduction and oxidation kiln firings.
1015 Wheelthrown Ceramics (3) Ozdogan and Staff
  Development of cylindrical and open forms. Sketch studies, trimming, clay and glaze making, reduction and oxidation kiln firings.
1017-18 Sculpture I–II (3-3) Sham and Staff
  Beginning study of design and fabrication of sculpture. Basic sculptural techniques for various media, including clay, plaster. stone, and wood.
1021-22 Drawing I–II (3-3) Wright and Staff
  Development of a fundamental understanding of line, shape, value, contrast, composition, and mark making. Emphasis on working directly from life, along with a variety of conceptual issues. Consideration of traditional and contemporary strategies and skills toward development of technique, process, and meaning. FA 1021 is prerequisite to FA 1022.
1026 Painting: Visual Thinking (3) Brown and Staff
  Development of technical and perceptual skills that are the foundation of visual expression. Beginning projects start with a simple introduction to the mechanics of paint handling: how to begin a painting, apply paint, and model form. Value, line, color, and abstraction.
1027 Painting: Structure and Color (3) Brown and Staff
  Work based on a variety of approaches. Focus on how images become vital through the qualities inherent to the medium. Prerequisite: FA 1021 or 1026.
1028 Painting: Watercolor (3) Staff
  Working with basic issues of light, color, and paint quality, students learn a variety of techniques, including working transparently, wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, lifting, masking, and drybrush. Exploration of the medium’s inherent qualities as well as those it shares with other painting media.
1041 Black-and-White Photography (3) Kessmann and Staff
  Introduction to the materials and processes of black-and-white photography. Camera operations, film processing, printing, and presentation methods. Gaining technical skills. Issues concerned with the visual language of photography.
1042 Color Photography (3) Kessmann and Staff
  Introduction to the materials and processes of color photography. Color theory, exposure techniques, film scanning, digital color correcting, and printing. The use of color as a means of visual communication and creative expression.
1071 New Media: Digital Art (3) Rigg, Stephanic, and Staff
  A survey of the computer as a creative art tool. Topics covered include bit-mapped and vector graphics, digital sound and imaging, basic time-based media, and digital text, integrated with fundamental design principles of concept development, composition, color theory and presentation.
1075 East Asian Calligraphy (3) Staff
  Same as EALL 1075.
2125 Ceramics: Wheelthrown Forms (3) Ozdogan and Staff
  Aesthetic and technical development of wheelthrown ceramic forms. Exploration of attachments: lids, spouts, handles, and footing devices. Sketches and technical drawings, clay and glaze-making tests, varied temperature firings in reduction and oxidation atmospheres. Prerequisite FA 1015.
2127 Ceramic Design in Handbuilding (3) Ozdogan and Staff
  Handbuilding techniques of pinch, coil, slab, hump and press mold, paddling, and hollowing. Sketch studies, clay and glaze tests. Orientation to studio operations and maintenance.
2131 Ceramic Sculpture (3) Ozdogan and Staff
  Developing an understanding of the sculptural ceramic form that integrates both quality and creativity. Techniques in hollow and solid construction. Varied temperature firings in reduction and oxidation atmospheres.
2139 Special Topics: Ceramics (3) Staff
  Prerequisite: FA 1014 or 1015 or permission of instructor.
2140 Sculpture III (3) Staff
  Advanced techniques in a variety of media. Prerequisite: FA 1017 or 1018.
2149 Special Topics: Sculpture (3) Staff
  Prerequisite: FA 1017 or 1018 or permission of instructor.
2150 Drawing III (3) Wright and Staff
  Advanced investigation of drawing as an organizing tool for thought, analysis, and personal imagery. Traditional and contemporary approaches to topics related to perceptual and conceptual concerns. Prerequisite: FA 1022.
2151 Advanced Drawing Techniques (3) Wright and Staff
  Investigation of the common concerns and creative processes that have dissolved boundaries between drawing and painting in the late 20th century. Prerequisite: FA 2150.
2159 Special Topics: Drawing (3) Staff
  Prerequisite: FA 1021 or 1022 or permission of instructor.
2160 Figure Painting: Observation and Gesture (3) Brown and Staff
  Consideration of the process of vision as mediated through manipulation of paint to form an image. Development of solutions to clarity, articulation, energy, and finish. Prerequisite: FA 1026 or 1027.
2161 Problems in Color (3) Staff
  Exploration of the objective rationale and subjective experience of color through the execution of problems in color contrast and color scales. Prerequisite: FA 1026 or 1027.
2162 Painting: Contemporary Issues (3) Staff
  Examples from contemporary art serve as starting points for discussion of the creative process. Postmodern strategies to rethink and challenge various hierarchies of subject, style and medium. Prerequisite: FA 1026 or 1027.
2169 Special Topics: Painting (3) Staff
  Prerequisite: FA 1026 or 1027 or permission of instructor.
2170 Advanced Photography: Exposure and Printing Techniques (3) Kessmann and Staff
  Pre-visualization, accurate exposure and development, and the craft of black-and-white printmaking. Techniques and strategies for creation of a portfolio that is aesthetically and conceptually engaging. Prerequisite: FA 1041.
2171 Advanced Photography: Digital Color Printing (3) Kessmann and Staff
  Further development of color theory and the technical skills to make high-quality inkjet prints. Critiques and discussion of contemporary artistic practice. Prerequisite: FA 1042.
2172 Photography: Contemporary Issues (3) Kessmann and Staff
  Emphasis on the incorporation of contemporary strategies, trends, and approaches into the student’s personal practice. The work of contemporary artists who use photography will inform the work produced. Prerequisite: FA 1041 or 1042.
2179 Special Topics: Photography (3) Staff
Prerequisite: FA 1041 or 1042 or permission of instructor.
2180 New Media: Digital Illustration (3) Rigg and Staff
  Advanced investigation of two- and three-dimensional drawing and illustration techniques. Print and/or digital portfolio preparation. Prerequisite: FA 1071 or permission of instructor.
2181 New Media: Digital Imaging (3) Rigg and Staff
  Advanced examination of bit-mapped imaging techniques. Methods of electronic dissemination of visual information. Prerequisite: FA 1071 or permission of instructor.
2182 New Media: Time-based Visual Expression (3) Rigg and Staff
  Contemporary two-dimensional animation, video, and multimedia systems and applications, including individual portfolio projects. Prerequisite: FA 1071 or permission of instructor.
2183 New Media: Digital Printmaking (3) Rigg and Staff
  An exploration of digital printmaking techniques, including color profiling. Prerequisite: FA 1071 or permission of instructor.
2184 New Media: Mixed Media (3) Rigg and Staff
  Combining digital visualization with traditional mediums, artist bookmaking, collage, assemblage, etc. Prerequisite: FA 1071 or permission of instructor.
2189 Special Topics: New Media (3) Staff
  Prerequisite: FA 1071 or permission of instructor.
2193 Professional Practices (3) Staff
  A wide overview of the contemporary art world, including how artists promote their work to galleries, public art organizations, and museums; writing successful grant proposals, artist statements, essays, and reviews; and comparing the quality of venues for art and art journalism.
4195 Critical Practices (3) Staff
  This structured independent study consists of weekly group critiques that bring together students working in a variety of media. Discussions, which range from practical to aesthetic issues, challenge students to focus and articulate their visual knowledge. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.
4199 Internship (3) Staff
  Open only to candidates for the B.A. in fine arts with approval of the advisor in fine arts. May not be repeated for credit toward the degree. May be taken P/NP only.

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