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Columbian College of Arts and Sciences offers an interdisciplinary program in dramatic literature leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. This major, which combines the strengths of the Departments of English and of Theatre and Dance, is designed to give equal consideration to the two key aspects of theatre—the literary text and the production.

Bachelor of Arts with a major in dramatic literature—The following requirements must be fulfilled:

1. The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.

2. Prerequisite courses—A two-course sequence chosen from Engl 1410-11, 1830-40, 1510-11, 1610-11, 1710-11.

3. Required courses for the major (42 credit hours):

(a) Engl 2800 and 3440 or 3441; Engl 3240/TrDa 3240; TrDa 3245-46; one course chosen from 3630, 3631, 3710.

(b) 12 credit hours in performance and production courses in the Department of Theatre and Dance, including TrDa 1214, 1330, 4275.

(c) 9 credit hours in drama courses or related topics selected from Engl 3440 or 3441, 3470-71, 3630-31, 3710; Engl 2240/TrDa 2240, 2250, 3250; TrDa 3248.

(d) 3 credit hours of a senior capstone experience in dramaturgical practice through one of the following: TrDa 4596, 4598, 4599; Engl 4250, 4360, 4470.


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