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University Bulletin: Undergraduate Programs The George Washington University  


COLUMBIAN COLLEGE of Arts and Sciences

1020 Peer Writing Preceptor (0)
  Permission of the University Writing Program required for registration.
2154 Elective Internship (0 to 3)
  Fieldwork and academic work carried out under faculty supervision. Students contract with agency, faculty, and Columbian College. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 credits. Admission by permission of Columbian College. Graded on a P/NP basis only. Zero credit option available only during summer sessions.
2190 Special Interdisciplinary Topics (1 to 3)
  May be repeated for credit provided the topic differs.
3001 Faculty-Guided Research (1 to 3)
  At the invitation of a faculty member, advanced students engage in research efforts, based on the faculty member’s current research projects, that may include bibliographic research, translation, analysis of texts, and similar efforts. May be repeated for credit.
4191 Special Interdisciplinary Major Capstone (3)
  Required of all students completing a special interdisciplinary major with honors.

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