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Requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree are listed under the School of Business. The courses listed below form the majority of the business core for the B.B.A. degree. Several of the courses are required in the B.Accy. degree program as well. BAdm courses are taught by faculty members schoolwide.

Note: BAdm 3101, 3401, 3501, and 3601 are restricted to students in the School of Business.

1001-2 First-Year Development Course (0.5 each) Besnainou and Staff
  Required of all first-year students in School of Business. This two-semester course is designed to enhance students’ education and begin preparation for business careers. The course meets periodically during the semester. Course fee. Restricted to students in the first year of enrollment in School of Business.
1101 Organizational Behavior (3) Bailey, Hill, Cohen
  Introduction to concepts of psychology and the social dynamics that characterize organizations. Decision making, motivation, attitudes, teamwork, power, and leadership. An experiential laboratory component uses case discussions and exercises to illustrate applications of theory and concepts. Restricted to School of Business freshmen. (Fall and spring)
2003 Analysis of Business Issues (3) Staff
  Restricted to School of Business students in their sophomore year. Introduction to common language and analytic techniques. Business concepts and information resources are introduced through case analysis focusing on written and verbal communication and critical thinking skills.
2101 Management, Organizations, and Society (1.5) Davis, Forrer
  Introduction to the manager and the management process in the context of organizations and society. Focus on effective management of the corporation in a changing society. (Fall and spring)
2201 International Financial Environment (1.5) Rehman, Yang, Click
  Assessment of international economic and financial environments as they affect international corporate activity. Conceptual issues and current developments in the international financial environment, including an overview of international economic systems, international financial systems, and global financial markets. Prerequisite: Econ 1012. (Fall and spring)
2301 Management Information Systems Technology (3) Granger, Duan, Dasgupta
  An introduction to data and information processing concepts and systems viewed from a contemporary management perspective. Emphasis on uses and applications as well as emerging managerial issues with the potential to reshape the form and function of information systems. Lab required. Prerequisite: basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. (Fall and spring)
3001 Career Management Strategies (1) Besnainou and Staff
  Restricted to School of Business students in their junior year. The career development process, including job search strategies and formulation of a career management plan, with practice in producing a resume and interviewing for a position.
3101 Human Resource Management (3) McHugh
  Global and strategic implications of human capital policies and practices, including human resource planning, recruitment, selection, training, development, compensation, and collective bargaining. Prerequisite: Econ 1012. (Fall, spring, and summer)
3102 Business and Government Relations (3) Rivera, Beales, Kim
  Economic and legal environment of business enterprise; social and political influences; contemporary problems and issues. Restricted to juniors and seniors in the B.B.A., B.Accy., and SEAS business concentration programs. (Fall and spring)
3401 Basic Marketing Management (3) Liebrenz-Himes, Rau
  Consumer and organizational buying behavior. Strategic marketing processes (market research, segmentation, targeting, positioning, and relationship-building). Product development and brand management, valuation and pricing, channel and logistics management, integrated marketing communications, e-commerce. Prerequisite: Econ 1012; Stat 1051 or 1053. (Fall, spring, and summer)
3501 Financial Management and Markets (3) Klock, Jostova
  Introduction to financial markets, investment analysis, and financial management. Financial analysis, risk management, working capital management, capital budgeting, financial structure, cost of capital, and dividend policy. Prerequisite: Accy 2001; Econ 1012; Math 1051, 1252; Stat 1051 or 1053. (Fall and spring)
3601 Operations Management (3) Perry, Bagchi, Matta, Altug, Glickman
  Production planning concepts and analytical tools. Designing and managing production processes: facilities, equipment, process control systems. Design issues, demand forecasting, material planning, acquisition techniques. Managing the factory floor: scheduling, total quality management, continuous improvement concepts and methods. Prerequisite: Stat 1051. (Fall and spring)
4101 Business Law and Ethics (3) Fort, Martin
  Overview of the American legal system and related ethical issues with reference to business law and the Universal Commercial Code. Key legal concepts such as contracts and torts. The role of courts: regulation, litigation, and constitution issues. (Fall and spring)
4801 Strategy Formulation and Implementation (3) Thurman, Cook, Walter
  An integrative capstone course to develop skills in diagnosing organizational problems, formulating and selecting strategic alternatives, and recognizing problems inherent in strategy implementation. Restricted to seniors in the B.B.A., B.Accy., and SEAS business concentration programs. (Fall and spring)
4900 Special Topics (1 to 3) Staff
  Experimental offering; new course topics and teaching methods.
4950 Internship (0)
  School of Business undergraduates may register for this course when they wish to have an internship recorded on the transcript. The supervisor must verify that the internship has been completed for a minimum of six hours per week. An administrative fee is charged. May be repeated each semester if desired.
4995 Independent Study (1 to 6) Staff
  Assigned topics with interdisciplinary focus. Admission by prior permission of advisor. May be repeated once for credit but in a separate semester.


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