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The Department of Anatomy and Regenerative Biology in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences offers the following courses that pertain to the secondary field in human anatomy and are available to undergraduates across the University.

2130 Human Embryology (3)
  Development of the basic organ systems; molecular control of development, congenital birth defects, and assisted reproductive technologies.
2150 Human Microscopic Anatomy (3)
  Normal histological structure of cells, tissues, and organs. Structural–functional correlates; the relationship between histological structure–function and the etiology of disease states.
2160 Human Functional Neuroanatomy (3)
  The central and peripheral nervous systems; diseases and injuries with impact on the normal structural–functional relationship.
2181 Human Gross Anatomy (3)
  Structure and function of the musculoskeletal system; regional organization, structure, and function of the major organ systems; structural organization of the head and neck. Same as BiSc 2581.

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