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Committee on Africana Studies

J. James (Director), N. Blyden, H.G. Carrillo, S. Lubkemann, J.A. Miller, G. Squires, G. Wald, A. Zimmerman

Offered through Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, the Africana studies major provides an interdisciplinary and integrated course of study of Africa and the African diaspora.

Bachelor of Arts with a major in Africana studies—The following requirements must be fulfilled:

1. The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.

2. Required for the major—39 credits, including AfSt 1001 taken within three semesters of declaring the major; four courses in African American studies, including Hist 3360, Soc 2179, Engl 3570 or 3950, and another course chosen from designated courses; four courses in African studies, including Anth 3708, Hist 3520 or 3540, and two additional courses chosen from designated courses; two courses in Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean studies, including Hist 3710 and another course chosen from designated courses; an upper-division course in gender studies chosen from designated courses (this course may also count toward one of the above categories); an additional course chosen in consultation with the Africana program advisor. Lists of designated courses may be found at

Minor in Africana studies—Required: 21 credit hours, including AfSt 1001, with the remaining courses chosen in consultation with the director of Africana studies.

1001 Introduction to Africana Studies (3) Blyden
  An interdisciplinary introduction to the study of people of Africa and the African diaspora in historical context. Links in the cultural, political, and intellectual experiences of people of African descent in the Americas, Caribbean, Europe, and Africa.

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