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See Political Management.

6201 Public Relations Principles and Practices (3)
  Basic rules and strategies in public relations. Major trends, major firms, and types of business and expertise. New media and integrated media communications.
6202 Advanced Writing for PR Professionals (3)
  Strategic thinking and compositional precision as the source of PR efficacy. Writing for blogs, websites, and other online media. Creating a press kit.
6203 Research Methods for Public Relations and Public Affairs Managers (3)
  Approaches to PR analysis. Construction of research designs.
6204 Media Relations in the New Media World (3)
  Media relations from both public relations and public affairs perspectives. Factors that influence reportorial and editorial coverage of business, government, and nonprofit interests.
6205 Fundamentals of Business and Management for Public Relations and Public Affairs(3)
  Management aspects, including the financial practices and human relations issues, in consulting firms, trade associations, advocacy organizations, corporations, or interest groups. Development and management of a budget for a PR or public affairs project.
6206 Ethical Standards in Public Relations and Public Affairs (3)
  Standards, guidelines, and codes of conduct that can guide relations with clients, the media, public officials, and others. Identification of and response to ethical challenges.
6207 Sustainability Communications Methods and Practices (3)
  Examination of the global sustainability movement among corporations, NGOs, and government, with the communications challenges presented in each setting. Development of strategic communications plans that reflect the organization’s commitment to sustainability and enhance its reputation in the global marketplace.
6208 Strategic Marketing and Marketing Communications (3)
  Integrated marketing communications that extend the reach and influence of public relations and public affairs, including branding, campaigns, and cause marketing.
6210 Special Topics (3)
  Topics to be announced. May be repeated for credit provided the topic differs.
6222 Multicultural Marketing (3)
  Application of media theory in multicultural settings. Bilingual or multilingual PR campaigns. New media practices.
6223 Public Opinion and Political Socialization (3)
  Sources and dynamics of public opinion and political socialization.

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