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6201 Theories, Principles, and Practices of Law Firm Management (6)
  Emerging trends in the legal market, firm leadership and strategic thinking, economics and profitability analysis of the firm, talent management, managing client service, management and compensation structures, and managing change.
6202 Applying Strategic Management (3)
  Team projects using a simulated law firm case study, including practice group and office profitability analysis, market assessments, creation of strategic plans, and merger analyses. Prerequisite: PSLM 6201.
6203 Practical Applications of Law Firm Management (3)
  Presentation of strategic plans, analyses, and recommendations developed in PSLM 6202 before a panel of faculty, managing partners, and law firm professionals. Prerequisite: PSLM 6202.
6204 Principles of Leadership (6)
  An intensive course focused on theories and principles of leadership within firms, including leading organizational change. Prerequisite: PSLM 6203.
6205 Application of Leadership Frameworks (3)
  Concepts and frameworks that highlight leadership roles in firms. Prerequisite: PSLM 6204.
6206 Strategic Leadership for Sustainability and Change (3)
  Integration of the content of PSLM 6204 and 6205 through a focus on strategic leadership. Prerequisite: PSLM 6205.
6207 Process Improvement in Law Firms (3)
  Development of charters for major projects in law firms, applying skills pertaining to managing change and conflict. Prerequisite: PSLM 6206.
6208 Legal Technology and Knowledge Management (3)
  Key elements of knowledge management, including development of a knowledge management strategy. Prerequisite: PSLM 6207.

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