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The following Master of Professional Studies degree programs and courses are offered by the College of Professional Studies. See also Political Management for the Master of Professional Studies degree programs in the fields of political management, legislative affairs, and strategic public relations. Information on CPS’s new Master of Professional Studies in the field of patent practice and on other degree and certificate programs under development as this Bulletin is prepared for press can be found at

All CPS programs indicated in this Bulletin have a prerequisite of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and are subject to the CPS regulations that appear in this Bulletin and under the respective programs at

With permission of the program director, and provided that prerequisites are met, many courses in CPS programs listed here are available on an open-enrollment basis. Degree candidates enrolled in other GW schools should check with their dean’s office to determine whether credit in these courses will apply to their degree.

Master of Professional Studies in the field of sustainable urban planning—The 48-credit program consists of PSUS 6201, 6202, 6203, 6204, 6210, 6211, 6212, 6230, 6233, and Geog 6221; and either PSUS 6221, 6222, 6223, 6224, 6231, and SMPP 6207, or PSUS 6260, 6261, 6262, 6264-65, 6266, 6268, 6269, 6270.

Master of Professional Studies in the field of landscape design—The 46-credit degree program consists of PSLD 6100 through 6270.

Master of Professional Studies in the field of molecular biotechnology—The prerequisite bachelor’s degree must be in a relevant science or technology field. The program’s 39 credits consist of two approved preparatory courses chosen from BiSc 2202, Phys 2165, CSci 3571; PSMB 6261 through 6266; Bioc 6236, 6237, 6254; CSci 6448 or 6221; Phys 2128, 6720, 6130.

Master of Professional Studies in the field of public leadership—The 39-credit degree program consists of PSPL 6201 through 6224.

Master of Professional Studies in the field of paralegal studies—The 32-credit degree program consists of PSLX 6210 through 6219, plus CPS 6294 (for 2 credits) and CPS 6298 (for zero credit). A concentration in health care corporate compliance may be chosen as a part of this program.

Master of Professional Studies in the field of law firm management—The 30-credit degree program consists of PSLM 6201 through 6208.

Master of Professional Studies in the field of security and safety leadership—The 36-credit program consists either of PSSL 6240-6244 and 6260 or PSSL 6244-6248 and 6260, followed by PSSL 6250-6254 and 6270.

Master of Professional Studies in the field of publishing—The program’s 30 credits consist of PSPB 6201, 6203, 6205, 6207, 6209, 6213, 6232, 6251, 6263, 6281, and elective courses chosen from editorial, business, marketing, technology, and design and production tracks. The program is available on a part-time basis only.

Courses that pertain to graduate certificate programs in landscape design, sustainable landscapes, paralegal studies, law firm management, and health care corporate compliance are included below. Information on certificate requirements and on additional CPS graduate certificate programs and courses can be found at


College of Professional Studies

6291 Special Topics (1 to 3)
6294 Independent Research (1 to 6)
  Registration with approval of the program director or the dean.
6298 Practicum (0 to 3)
6300 Capstone Research Project (3)


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