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Professor J.M. Post

The Elliott School of International Affairs offers a course sequence (which may lead to a graduate certificate) in political psychology.

6101 Fundamentals of Political Psychology (3) Post
  A review of the interdisciplinary field of political psychology; examination of psychological influences on political behavior at the level of the individual and small group; the psychology of leader–follower relationships; crisis decision making. (Fall)
6102 Political Psychology Research Methods (3) Staff
  Major research methods of political psychology, using classic articles in the field. Both quantitative methods, such as survey research and content analysis, and qualitative methods, such as personality profiling and comparative case studies, are considered. Prerequisite: PPsy 6101. (Fall)
6103 Political Violence and Terrorism (3) Post
  The origins and the sociopolitical and behavioral dynamics of political violence and terrorism. Major types of terrorism are differentiated. Implications for antiterrorist policy. The psychology of hostages. (Spring)
6104 Independent Study and Research (1 to 3) Post
  Supervised research in a special topic in political psychology. Preparation of major research paper. Prerequisite: PPsy 6101, 6102. (As arranged)

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