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University Bulletin: Graduate Programs The George Washington University  



Professors R.F. Dyer, P.A. Rau, R.S. Achrol, L.M. Maddox, S.S. Hassan

Associate Professors M.L. Liebrenz-Himes, V. Perry (Chair), S. Elliott

Assistant Professors A.V. Krasnikov, S. Levy

See the School of Business for programs of study in business administration leading to the degrees of Master of Business Administration and Doctor of Philosophy.

6241 Advanced Marketing Management (3) Rau, Hassan
  Case analysis of marketing problems. Current developments in marketing practice. The relationship of marketing to environmental forces and other business functions. (Spring)
6242 Buyer Behavior (3) Hassan
  The buyer decision process model as a framework for analysis of how and why products and services are purchased and used. The impact of consumer decisions on the marketing strategies of organizations. Marketing applications in high-tech and service industries. (Fall)
6243 Marketing Research (3) Rau
  The marketing research process: designing, conducting, and using market research studies. Managing the market research project; qualitative research; survey and experimental designs; data analysis with statistical software packages. Prerequisite: MBAd 6221. (Fall and summer)
6246 Marketing of Services (3) Liebrenz-Himes
  Management of the activities involved in marketing new and existing services. The innovation system (behavioral and organizational) of service product decisions, product planning processes, marketing auditing, services and the law, and new service trends. Marketing of intangibles and services is highlighted. (Spring)
6248 Advertising and Sales Promotion (3) Maddox
  Examination of advertising and sales promotion from a systems perspective supported by analytical methods and concepts regarding consumer attitudes and behavior. The role of communication in marketing, behavioral research, message design, economic and financial criteria, development of a promotion program. (Spring)
6250 Selling and Sales Management (3) Staff
  The selling task, with attention to ethical and legal issues, the selling process, nonverbal language, account management, proposal writing, negotiation. Managerial issues, demand analysis and resource allocation, motivation, coaching and incentives, sales administration, and analysis of sales performance. (Fall and spring)
6251 Product Management (3) Rau
  Examination of all the stages of a product’s life, from idea generation through screening, development, and commercialization. Emphasis on new product development. (Spring)
6252 Electronic Marketing and Commerce (3) Levy
  The impact of technology on sales and marketing strategy. Areas explored include e-branding, customer relationship management, permission e-mail, sales force technology enhancement, mobile commerce, online marketing research, and electronic channels of distributions. (Spring)
6255 Strategic Brand Management (3) Staff
  Brand management practices of for-profit and non-profit organizations. The strategic establishment of brand identities worldwide. Effect of country of origin on branding decisions. Development of a brand audit to evaluate country perception and recommend implications for effective brand strategies.
6257 Marketing and Public Policy (3) Staff
  Examination of principal areas of public policy formulation affecting marketing practice. Topics: advertising, warranties, product safety, health issues, consumer information systems, informal and formal redress mechanisms, business responsibilities. Government, business, and advocate viewpoints presented.
6259 Marketing Strategy (3) Rau
  Required capstone course for marketing students. Analysis of complex marketing problems involving policy and operational decisions; emphasis on creative marketing strategy. Prerequisite: completion of at least three Second-Level marketing courses, excluding Mktg 6241. (Spring)
6290 Special Topics (1 to 3) Staff
  Experimental offering; new course topics and teaching methods. May be repeated once for credit.
6297 International Management Experience (3) Staff
  Same as Fina/IBus/Mgt 6297/SMPP 6297. May be repeated for credit.
6298 Directed Readings and Research (3) Staff
6299 Thesis Seminar (3) Staff
6999 Thesis Research (3) Staff
8341 Seminar: Marketing (3) Rau, Hassan, Perry
  Examination of major theoretical developments in marketing. Open only to doctoral candidates.
8397 Doctoral Seminar (1 to 3) Staff
8998 Advanced Reading and Research (arr.) Staff
  Limited to doctoral candidates preparing for the general examination. May be repeated for credit.
8999 Dissertation Research (arr.) Staff
  Limited to doctoral candidates. May be repeated for credit.

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