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See Biomedical Sciences.

6201 Interdisciplinary Medical Microbiology (5)
  An interdisciplinary approach to the study of infectious organisms and associated diseases by combining aspects of fundamental microbiology, infectious disease, pharmacology, and pathology.
6212 Pathogenic Bacteriology (3)
  Molecular basis of bacterial pathogens and host-pathogen interactions. Prerequisite: Micr 8210 or permission of instructor.
6220 Biology of Parasitism: Parasite Strategies of Infection, Survival, and Transmission (2)
  A comprehensive course examining the strategies parasites use to infect their hosts, how they survive and thrive within their host, and the developmental adaptations they use to ensure transmission of their offspring to the next host. Prerequisite: BiSc 2339 or permission of instructor.
6233 Virology (3)
  Biochemical, genetic, and pathogenic characterization of viruses. Prerequisite: Micr 8210 or permission of instructor.
6235 Human and Transforming Viruses (3)
  Current concepts of transformation and disease caused by RNA and DNA viruses. Prerequisite: Micr 6233 or 8210.
6236 Fundamentals of Genomics (2 or 3)
  Viral, bacterial, yeast, and mammalian genomics. Genomic theories, methods, and data analysis, including bioinformatics and database mining
6250 Applied Bioinformatics (2)
  Bioinformatics tools available for DNA/RNA and protein sequence analysis, structural analysis, and data mining. Prerequisite: Micr 6236 or permission of instructor.
6292 Tropical Infectious Diseases (2)
  Lecture course. Pathogenesis, natural history, and epidemiology of the major infectious diseases that occur in developing countries.
6293 Special Topics (arr.)
  Selected topics in microbiology. May be repeated for credit provided the topic differs.
8210 Infection and Immunity (3)
  An introduction to the fields of virology, bacteriology, and parasitology, as well as the main concepts of immune response.
8230 Molecular and Cellular Immunology (3)
  Major aspects of immunology, including T and B cell effector function, innate immune cell function, mucosal immunology, and immune regulation. Prerequisite: Micr 8210 or equivalent with approval of staff.
8270 Advanced Topics in Immunology (3)
  Seminar series on topics chosen jointly by students and faculty; students present and critique original manuscripts. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: Micr 8210, 8230, or approval of staff.
8998 Advanced Reading and Research (arr.)
  Limited to students preparing for the Doctor of Philosophy general examination. May be repeated for credit.
8999 Dissertation Research (arr.)
  Limited to Doctor of Philosophy candidates. May be repeated for credit.

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