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See Political Management.
The green leaf indicates that the course addresses environmental, social or economic sustainability.

6201 Politics and Public Policy (3)
  Examination of political processes that influence policy formulation, policy implementation, and the uses of policy analysis. Topics include political and policy decision making, actors, and process.
6202 Legislative Politics (3)
  Theory, structure, and process of the U.S. Congress, with emphasis on member–constituency relations, individual and collective decision making, party and committee activities, executive–legislative relations, and interest-group activities.
6203 Executive–Legislative Relations (3)
  Political and institutional relationships between the executive and legislative branches of the federal government.
6204 Research Methods for Legislative Affairs Specialists (3)
  Approaches to political analysis. Construction of research designs and problems of measurement.
6217 Budgetary Politics (3)
  Examination of federal budget policymaking and politics.
6218 Judicial Politics (3)
  Role of the judiciary in policy formulation; emphasis on Congress and the Supreme Court.
6219 American Presidency (3)
  Personalized and institutionalized aspects of the presidency, with emphasis on the politics of contemporary policymaking.
6222 Parties and Elections (3)
  Nature and functions of American political parties: organizational status, nominating and electoral politics, and role in governing.
6224 Interest-Group Politics (3)
  Theory, structure, and activities of interest groups in America politics.
6228 Media and Congressional Politics (3)
  Role of the media in American politics, with emphasis on news coverage, political debates, and political advertising, with their impact on the electorate.
6233 Comparative Legislatures (3)
  Selected problems of legislative theory and behavior from a comparative perspective, with particular reference to the parliamentary systems of Germany, France, and Britain.
6234 PACS and Congress (3)
  Examination of the structure and function of political action committees in the United States in the context of wider arenas of campaign finance, elections, and issue management.
6240 Special Topics in Legislative Affairs (3)
  In-depth coverage of significant theoretical and empirical issues in American politics, including such topics as political behavior, electoral politics, and race and politics.
6246 Congress and Foreign Policy (3)
  The role of Congress in setting foreign policy.
6249 Congress and National Security Policy (3)
  The role of Congress in setting defense policy.
6251 Budgetary Policy (3)
  Analysis of U.S. monetary and fiscal policy.
6260 Special Topics: Domestic Policy (3)
  Analysis of U.S. policy on selected domestic problems.
6270 Special Topics: Congress and Foreign Policy (3)
  Analysis of U.S. policy on selected issues, challenges, or world regions.
6290 Independent Study (1 to 3)
  Directed readings in a topic related to Congress and public policymaking. Limited to Legislative Affairs degree candidates. Written permission of program director required.
6998-99 Thesis (3-3)
  Research and writing of thesis. Registration requires written proposal and approval of the program director.

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