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Committee on Judaic Studies

J. Weissman Joselit (Director), T. Anbinder, S. Ben-Gad, N. Brown, E. Cline, J. Cohen, P. Duff, R. Eisen, E. Friedland, B. Hill, L. Jacobson, S. Marcus, F. Moskowitz, W. Reich, A. Rulnick, D. Schwartz, L. Strauss, M. Ticktin, S. Waisman, G. Wald

Master of Arts in the field of Jewish cultural arts—Prerequisite: a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, with a background in Judaic studies strongly encouraged.

Required: the general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. The program requires 36 credit hours, including JStd 6201, 6211, 6298; MStd 6102; PPPA 6032; Mktg 6255; and 18 credits of approved elective courses, including two internships, that may be drawn from such programs, departments, and schools as American Studies, Educational Leadership, English, History, Law, Media and Public Affairs, Museum Studies, and Theatre and Dance.

6001 Topics in Judaic Studies (3)
  Topic announced in the Schedule of Classes. May be repeated for credit provided the topic differs.
6201 Jewish Life in Contemporary America (3) Weissman Joselit
  An interdisciplinary course that takes the measure of the Jewish community in the United States, drawing on a series of focused case studies, from ritual behavior to the impact of technology on notions of community.
6211 Displaying Jewish Culture: Landmark Exhibitions on Judaism and the Jewish Experience (3) Weissman Joselit
  Consideration of a series of highly influential museum exhibitions that focused on Jews and Judaism, both on their own terms and in terms of their broader cultural implications for how citizens of the modern world come to understand one another.
6298 Behind the Scenes: The Jewish Arts World in Contemporary Perspective (3) Weissman Joselit
  A capstone seminar that allows students to deepen their understanding of what is needed to nurture and sustain Jewish artistic expression by engaging directly with arts professionals who may administer an arts organization, direct a museum, mount a film festival, or run a theatre company. The course culminates in production of a student-run arts event.

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