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University Bulletin: Graduate Programs The George Washington University  



Professors L.F. Robinson, J.F. Wright, Jr., T. Ozdogan, B. von Barghahn, D. Bjelajac

Associate Professors P. Jacks, D. Kessmann (Chair), S.A. Rigg

Assistant Professors A.B. Dumbadze, B.K. Obler, J. Brown, J.G.H. Sham

Master of Arts in the field of art history—Prerequisite: a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field, such as art history, history, literature, or religion.

Required: the general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences; 36 credit hours of graduate course work. During the first year of study (18 credits), students are encouraged to take up to 9 credits in proseminar courses and are required to complete the art historiography seminar (AH 6258) during the first semester. As many as 6 credits of graduate course work may be completed outside the department with approval of the graduate advisor. Students must submit one qualifying paper in the spring semester of their first year or as they reach completion of 18 credits. A reading knowledge examination in French, German, Italian, or Spanish must be passed upon completion of the first 9 credits of course work.

Master of Arts in the field of art history with a concentration in museum training—Prerequisites and requirements are the same as those for the Master of Arts in the field of art history; students include in their course work 6 credits of AH 6299, Museum Internship, after completion of 18 credits of art history courses.

Master of Fine Arts in the field of fine arts—Prerequisite: a bachelor’s degree with a major in the field of ceramics, design, digital arts, drawing, film, new media, painting, photography, sculpture, or video. Departmental approval of the applicant’s portfolio is required.

Required: the general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. A minimum of 60 credit hours of course work is required; the number of required credits and their distribution are determined in consultation with advisors. A creative thesis consisting of the execution and exhibition of original works of art, along with a critical statement about this work, must be completed under the supervision of a thesis committee consisting of two or three full-time departmental faculty members. The program is available on a full-time basis only.




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