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Interdepartmental course offerings in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

6211 Analytical Methods in Engineering I (3) Lee, Haque, Silva
  Engineering applications of the theory of complex variables: contour integration, conformal mapping, inversion integral, and boundary-value problems. Prerequisite: approval of department. (Fall)
6212 Analytical Methods in Engineering II (3) Lee, Haque
  Algebraic methods appropriate to the solution of engineering computational problems: linear vector spaces, matrices, systems of linear equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, quadratic forms. Prerequisite: approval of department. (Spring)
6213 Analytical Methods in Engineering III (3) Haque, Lee
  Analytical techniques for solution of boundary-initial-value problems in engineering: wave propagation, diffusion processes, and potential distributions. Prerequisite: approval of department. (Fall)
6214 Analytical Methods in Engineering IV (3) Haque
  Introduction to variational methods in engineering: Ritz and Galerkin approximation methods of boundary-value problems, aspects of linear integral equations arising from engineering analysis. Prerequisite: approval of department. (Spring, even years)
6215 Analytical Methods in Engineering V (3) Staff
  Advanced methods of solution of boundary-initial-value problems in engineering: characteristics, wave propagation, and Green's functions. Prerequisite: ApSc 6213. (Fall, odd years)
6216 Special Topics in Engineering Analysis (3) Staff
  Selected topics, such as perturbation techniques applied to approximate solution of nonlinear boundary and initial-value problems in engineering; application of singular integral equations in problems of mechanics. Prerequisite: approval of department. (As arranged)


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