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Director L. Jacobson

Master of Fine Arts in the field of classical acting- Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, in cooperation with the Shakespeare Theatre Academy for Classical Acting, offers the Master of Fine Arts in the field of classical acting. The program is an intensive full-time endeavor intended for students who have had extensive theatre training as part of their undergraduate preparation or have spent several years after completing college as working professionals in the field.

Required: The general requirements stated under Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. The 59-credit-hour degree program is taken in three intensive sessions over an 11-month period.

6201-4 Acting (2 or 3 each)
  The focus of the acting sequence shifts with each session, providing a studio structure to explore and meet the demands of the classical canon. Portions of the sequence focus on the history plays and tragedies, classic comedy, high comedy, the Jacobeans, and master classes.  
6205-8 Topics in Classical Drama and Culture (1 or 2 each)
  Plays and other writings from the Elizabethan, Jacobean, and Restoration eras and the 18th century. The historical world in which the plays were written as well as the imaginary worlds created in the plays themselves.  
6209-10 Text (2-2)
  Textual analysis emphasizing development of aesthetic expression. The forms and rules of verse: its meter, scansion, and overall structure in the early, middle, and late Shakespeare plays, as well as the intricacies of the prose.  
6211-14 Voice and Speech (2 or 3 each)
  The development of clear, supported speech and sound that can meet the demands and challenges of classical texts. Resonators, articulators, breathing, and placement; phonetics and ear training; defining the character through the voice.  
6215-18 Movement (1 or 2 each)
  The development of an awareness of the body and its expressive abilities through an integrated approach that includes ballet, modern dance, Hatha Yoga, and Feldenkrais for coordination, focus, and expression.  
6219-22 Alexander Technique (1 or 2 each)
  Through group work and individual sessions, students develop a further awareness of the body toward expression of imagination and the creative process, enabling powerful characterization without stress or personal physical distortion.  
6223-24 Stage Combat (2-2)
  Skills in stage combat techniques, including unarmed combat and broadsword, buckler, rapier, dagger, and other lighter weapons, toward development of greater physical strength and an awareness of safety issues. The course is designed to lead to certification as an actor/combatant through the Society of American Fight Directors.  
6225-28 Practicum (arr.)
  This sequence of courses includes scene preparation, rehearsal/production, clown class, and other performance skills.  
6229 Audition Techniques (3)
  A set of workshops to help students develop strong audition skills. Business aspects of acting, such as selection of agents, Equity status, and taxation issues. The workshop concludes with a showcase performance for casting directors, agents, and theatre directors.

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