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University Bulletin: Undergraduate Programs 2003-2004 The George Washington University  



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Bradley William Sabelli, Assistant Professor of Theatre
B.F.A. 1970, Florida Atlantic University; M.A. 1972, California State University, Humboldt; M.F.A. 1974, George Washington University
James Minor Sachlis, Associate Professor of Finance
B.S. 1964, M.B.A. 1966, D.B.A. 1975, University of Maryland
Vladislav Sadtchenko, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
M.S. 1987, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology; Ph.D. 1994, University of Minnesota
John P. Sagi, Associate Professorial Lecturer in Information Systems and Technology Management
Ph.D. 2003, George Washington University
Debabrata Saha, Associate Professor of Engineering and Applied Science
B.S. 1976, B.Tech. 1979, University of Calcutta, India; M.A.S. 1982, University of Toronto, Canada; Ph.D. 1986, University of Michigan
Vikas M. Sahasrabudhe, Assistant Professor of Information Systems
B.Tech. 1967, Indian Institute of Technology; M.S. 1968, Ph.D. 1972, University of California, Berkeley
Eric J. Saidel, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
B.A. 1985, Wesleyan University; M.A. 1991, Ph.D. 1993, University of Wisconsin
Loubna Salagh, Lecturer in Arabic
M.A. 1999, Mohamed V University
Linda Bradley Salamon, Professor of English
B.A. 1963, Radcliffe College; M.A. 1964, Ph.D. 1971, Bryn Mawr College
Steven Patrick Salchak, Assistant Professor of Writing
B.A. 1991, University of Houston; Ph.D. 2002, University of Michigan
David I. Salem, Assistant Professorial Lecturer in Forensic Sciences
B.A. 1978, Albany University; J.D., M.B.A. 1982, University of Maryland
Stephen Allan Saltzburg, Wallace and Beverley Woodbury University Professor of Law
B.A. 1967, Dickinson College; J.D. 1970, University of Pennsylvania
Roberto M. Samaniego, Assistant Professor of Economics and International Affairs
B.A. 1995, Princeton University; Ph.D. 2000, University of Pennsylvania
Marc Eli Saperstein, Charles E. Smith Professor of Jewish History
B.A. 1966, Ph.D. 1977, Harvard University; M.A. 1971, Hebrew Union College/Hebrew University, Israel
Victoria Sardi, Assistant Professorial Lecturer in Counseling and in Sociology
Ph.D. 2003, George Washington University
Shahram Sarkani, Professor of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
B.S. 1980, M.S. 1981, Louisiana State University; Ph.D. 1987, Rice University; P.E.
Mitsuyo Sato, Lecturer in Japanese
M.A.T. 1999, Georgetown University
Robert Savickas, Associate Professor of Finance
B.S. 1993, Engr. 1994, Riga Technical University, Latvia; M.A. 1994, M.B.A. 1996, Western Illinois University; Ph.D. 1999, University of Georgia
Mary Anne Plastino Saunders, Associate Professor of Human Services and of Sociology
B.A. 1969, M.A.Ed. 1970, Catholic University of America; Ed.D. 1991, George Washington University
Donna Scarboro, Adjunct Assistant Professor of English; Assistant Vice President for Special Academic Programs
B.A. 1976, Guilford College; M.A. 1982, Ph.D. 1989, Emory University
Veronica Millicent Scarlett, Adjunct Instructor in Voice
Mus.M. 1997, University of Maryland
Moses S. Schanfield, Professor of Forensic Sciences
B.A. 1966, University of Minnesota; M.A. 1969, Harvard University; Ph.D. 1971, University of Michigan
Dennis E. Schell, Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.A. 1969, Blackburn College; M.Div. 1973, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg; M.A. 1982, Loyola College; Ph.D. 1988, University of Maryland
Heather M. Schell, Assistant Professor of Writing
B.S. 1988, M.A. 1991, Georgetown University; Ph.D. 2000, Stanford University
Holger Schmidt, Instructor in Political Science and International Affairs
B.A. 1995, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University; M.A. 1997, Johns Hopkins University; M.Phil. 2002, Columbia University
William Schmitt, Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.S. 1982, University of Vermont; Ph.D. 1986, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Allan Schneider, Adjunct Professor of Engineering
B.S. in E.E. 1959, B.S.E.P. 1960, Lehigh University; M.S. in E.E. 1962, Columbia University; Ph.D. 1974, University of Maryland
Evelyn Jaffee Schreiber, Associate Professor of English
B.A. 1970, Simmons College; M.A. 1971, Colorado State University; Ph.D. 1977, University of Colorado
Geralyn M. Schulz, Associate Professor of Speech and Hearing
B.A. 1979, University of Wisconsin; Ph.D. 1994, University of Maryland
Pat Lea Schwallie-Giddis, Associate Professor of Counseling
B.S. 1968, M.S. 1970, University of Wisconsin–Platteville; Ph.D. 1991, Florida State University
David R. Schwandt, Professor of Human Resource Development
B.S. 1967, Eastern Michigan University; M.A. 1969, Western Michigan University; Ph.D. 1978, Wayne State University
David Sciannella, Lecturer in Music
B.Mus. 1981, Catholic University of America; M.M. 1982, Eastman School of Music
David William Scott, Professor of Immunology
M.S. 1964, University of Chicago; Ph.D. 1968, Yale University
Amy E. Searight, Gaston Sigur Memorial Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
B.A. 1988, Williams College; M.A. 1994, Ph.D. 1999, Stanford University
Nina Gilden Seavey, Assistant Research Professor of History and of Media and Public Affairs
B.A. 1978, Washington University; M.A. 1990, George Washington University
Ormond Albert Seavey, Professor of English
B.A. 1966, Carleton College; M.A. 1967, Ph.D. 1976, Columbia University
Barbara Rae Seidman, Adjunct Instructor in Harp
Mus.B. 1969, Cleveland Institute of Music; Mus.M. 1970, Northwestern University
Susan Kathleen Sell, Professor of Political Science
B.A. 1979, Colorado College; M.A. 1980, University of California, Santa Barbara; Ph.D. 1989, University of California, Berkeley
Angeles Serrano-Ripoll, Instructor in Spanish
Ph.D. 1987, University of Valencia, Spain
Frank Sesno, Professor of Media and Public Affairs
B.A. 1977, Middlebury College; L.H.D. 1995, Monterey Institute of International Studies
David Leigh Shambaugh, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
B.A. 1977, George Washington University; M.A. 1980, Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D. 1989, University of Michigan
Xiang-Qing Shao, Research Professor of Anthropology
B.A. 1952, M.A. 1955, Fudan University, China
Galina Olegovna Shatalina, Assistant Professor of Russian
B.A. 1967, M.A. 1968, Ph.D. 1979, Moscow State University
Debra R. Sheldon, Professor of Accountancy
B.A. 1969, Northwestern University; M.B.A. 1974, Drexel University; D.B.A. 1981, George Washington University
Yin-Lin Shen, Professor of Engineering and Applied Science
B.S. 1980, M.S. 1982, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan; Ph.D. 1991, University of Wisconsin
Robert Shepherd, Assistant Professor of Honors and of Anthropology
B.A. 1980, University of Delaware; M.A. 1983, Northeastern University; Ph.D. 2002, George Mason University
Chester Sherwood, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
B.A. 1995, Ph.D. 2003, Columbia University
Jane Shore, Professor of English
B.A. 1969, Goddard College; M.F.A. 1971, University of Iowa
Jay R. Shotel, Professor of Special Education
B.A. 1967, Ed.M. 1970, Ed.D. 1972, Temple University
Alexander Shumakovitch, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D. 1996, Uppsala University, Sweden
John Lee Sibert, Professor of Engineering and Applied Science
B.A. 1968, Wittenberg University; M.A. 1971, Miami University (Ohio); Ph.D. 1974, University of Michigan
Megan Siczek, Instructor in English as a Foreign Language
B.A. 1991, Saint Mary's College; M.Ed. 1996, University of North Carolina
John M. Sides, Assistant Professor of Political Science
B.A. 1996, University of North Carolina; M.A. 1997, Ph.D. 2003, University of California, Berkeley
Carol Kimball Sigelman, Professor of Psychology; Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies and Academic Affairs
B.A. 1967, Carleton College; M.A. 1968, Ph.D. 1972, George Peabody College
Lee Sigelman, Professor of Political Science
B.A. 1967, Carleton College; M.A. 1970, Ph.D. 1973, Vanderbilt University
Pedro F. Silva, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
B.S. 1991, M.S. 1992, University of California, Irvine; Ph.D. 1998, University of California, San Diego
David J. Silverman, Assistant Professor of History
B.A. 1993, Rutgers University; M.A. 1996, College of William and Mary; M.A. 1997, Ph.D. 2000, Princeton University
Rahul Simha, Professor of Engineering and Applied Science
B.S. 1984, Birla Institute of Technology, India; M.S. 1986, Ph.D. 1990, University of Massachusetts
Tara Sinclair, Assistant Professor of Economics
Ph.D. 2005, Washington University
Lawrence G. Singleton, Associate Professor of Accountancy
B.S. 1978, M.S. 1980, Ph.D. 1985, Louisiana State University
Nozer Darabsha Singpurwalla, Distinguished Research Professor and Professor of Statistics
B.S. 1959, B.V. Bhoomraddi College of Engineering and Technology, India; M.S.(I.E.) 1964, Rutgers University; Ph.D. 1968, New York University
Myrna Carol Sislen, Adjunct Associate Professor of Music
B.A. 1970, American University
David R. Skeen, Professorial Lecturer in Engineering
M.S. 1973, American University
Frank James Slaby, Professor of Anatomy
B.S. 1965, California Institute of Technology; Ph.D. 1971, University of California, Berkeley
Jonathan B. Slade, Assistant Professorial Lecturer in Political Management
B.A. 1981, J.D. 1987, George Washington University
Amy Kyper Smith, Associate Professor of Marketing
B.B.A. 1986, University of North Texas; Ph.D. 1997, University of Maryland
Caroline Smith, Assistant Professor of Writing
B.A. 1996, Moravian College; M.A. 2000, Ph.D. 2005, University of Delaware
Charles E. Smith, Adjunct Professor of Engineering
D.Sc. 1974, George Washington University
David R. Smith, Adjunct Professor of Engineering and Applied Science
D.Sc. 1977, George Washington University
Keith E. Smith, Associate Professor of Accountancy
B.A. 1970, University of Pennsylvania; J.D. 1976, LL.M. 1978, University of Florida
Lizbeth Courtney Smith, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
B.A. 1974, Drake University; M.Sc. 1976, University of Minnesota; Ph.D. 1985, University of California, Los Angeles
Mary Virginia Smith, Associate Professor of Tourism Studies; Associate Dean of the College of Professional Studies
B.A. 1971, Cornell University; M.A. 1987, University of Delaware; Ph.D. 1991, American University
Rebecca Anstine Smith, Adjunct Instructor in Harp
B.A. 1977, Dickinson College; M.Mus. 1979, Johns Hopkins University
Stephen Charles Smith, Professor of Economics and International Affairs
B.A. 1976, Goddard College; M.A. 1981, Ph.D. 1983, Cornell University
Valerie St. Pierre Smith, Assistant Professor of Design and Visual Communication
B.F.A. 1997, Stephens College; M.F.A. 2001, San Diego State University
William Edwin Smith, Associate Professorial Lecturer in Organizational Sciences
Ph.D. 1983, University of Pennsylvania
Jaroslaw Sobieski, Professorial Lecturer in Engineering
B.S. 1955, M.S. 1957, Ph.D. 1964, Technical University of Warsaw, Poland
Barbara Sobol, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art Therapy
B.A. 1959, Wellesley College; M.A. 1980, George Washington University
Michael Joseph Sodaro, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
B.A. 1967, Fordham University; M.A. 1970, Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D. 1978, Columbia University
Sheryl Ann Sodaro-Spomer, Assistant Professor of Interior Design
B.S. 1998, Colorado State University; M.I.D. 2000, Virginia Commonwealth University
Myeong-Ho Sohn, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Ph.D. 1998, Pennsylvania State University
Richard Martin Soland, Professor of Operations Research
B.E.E. 1961, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Ph.D. 1964, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; P.E.
John K. Soldner, Associate Professorial Lecturer in Engineering
B.S. 1977, M.S. 1979, University of Illinois; M.B.A. 1988, University of Chicago
George T. Solomon, Associate Professor of Management
M.B.A. 1972, Suffolk University; D.B.A. 1982, George Washington University
Margaret Rapp Soltan, Associate Professor of English
B.A. 1977, Northwestern University; M.A. 1978, Ph.D. 1986, University of Chicago
Barbara Sonies, Adjunct Professor of Speech and Hearing
Ph.D. 1981, University of Maryland
Eva M. Sorenson, Associate Research Professor of Pharmacology
B.A. 1981, Washington University; Ph.D. 1990, Saint Louis University
Refik Soyer, Professor of Decision Sciences
B.A. 1978, Bogazici University, Turkey; M.Sc. 1979, University of Sussex, England; D.Sc. 1985, George Washington University
Joanna Spear, Associate Professor of International Affairs
Ph.D. 1988, University of Southampton
Erin Speck, Assistant Professor of Interior Design
B.A. 1980, University of Guelph, Canada; M.A. 1991, Catholic University of America
August K. Spector, Professorial Lecturer in Engineering Management
M.S. 1971, Hofstra University; Ed.D. 1985, George Washington University
Ronald H. Spector, Professor of History and International Affairs
B.A. 1964, Johns Hopkins University; M.A. 1966, Ph.D. 1967, Yale University
Jennifer Wynne Spencer, Associate Professor of International Business
B.S. 1992, Georgetown University; Ph.D. 1997, University of Minnesota
Karin H. Spencer, Assistant Professorial Lecturer in Special Education
M.A.Ed.&H.D. 1996, George Washington University
Philip Daniel Spiess II, Associate Professorial Lecturer in Museum Studies
B.A. 1968, Hanover College; M.A. 1970, University of Delaware; M.A. 1972, Indiana University; M.Phil. 1992, Drew University
Mario J. Spina, Associate Professorial Lecturer in Information Systems and Technology Management
D.Sc. 1998, George Washington University
James Alan Sprague, Professorial Lecturer in Engineering
B.A. 1965, B.S. 1966, Ph.D. 1970, Rice University
Gregory D. Squires, Professor of Sociology and of Public Policy and Public Administration
B.S. 1971, Northwestern University; M.A. 1974, Ph.D. 1976, Michigan State University
Carole Stabile-Libelo, Adjunct Instructor in Oboe
M.Mus. 1980, New England Conservatory of Music
Stephani Stang-McCusker, Adjunct Instructor in Flute
B.Mus. 1975, Catholic University of America; M.Mus. 1977, New England Conservatory of Music
Michael A. Stankosky, Professor of Systems Engineering
B.A. 1965, University of Scranton; M.S. 1971, M.S. 1975, University of Southern California; D.Sc. 1997, George Washington University
Jonathan Stanton, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
B.A. 1995, Cornell University; M.S.E. 1998, Ph.D. 2002, Johns Hopkins University
Carol Buchalter Stapp, Associate Professor of Museum Education
B.A. 1967, Tulane University; M.A. 1970, University of Pennsylvania; Ph.D. 1989, George Washington University
Mark Starik, Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy
B.A. 1976, M.A. 1978, University of Wisconsin; Ph.D. 1990, University of Georgia
James Edward Starrs, Professor of Law and of Forensic Sciences
B.A., LL.B. 1958, St. John's University (New York); LL.M. 1959, New York University
Michael Staten, Research Professor of Real Estate and Urban Analysis
Ph.D. 1980, Purdue University
Janet E. Steele, Associate Professor of Media and Public Affairs
B.A. 1979, College of William and Mary; M.A. 1982, Ph.D. 1986, Johns Hopkins University
Kathleen Anderson Steeves, Associate Professor of Secondary Education
B.A. 1965, Alma College; M.A.T. 1973, University of Massachusetts; Ph.D. 1987, George Washington University
Frederic Stein, Associate Professor of Naval Science
B.S.E. 1985, University of Michigan; M.A. 1999, Naval War College
Mary Beth Stein, Associate Professor of German and International Affairs
B.A. 1980, St. Olaf College; M.A. 1985, Ph.D. 1993, Indiana University
Herman Stekler, Professorial Lecturer in Economics
Ph.D. 1955, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Christopher Willie Sten, Professor of English
B.A. 1966, Carleton College; M.A. 1968, Ph.D. 1971, Indiana University
Jeffrey L. Stephanic, Associate Professor of Design
B.A. 1977, M.F.A. 1980, George Washington University
George Christopher Stephens, Professor of Geography and Geosciences
B.S. 1967, M.S. 1969, George Washington University; Ph.D. 1972, Lehigh University
Christopher H. Sterling, Professor of Media and Public Affairs and of Public Policy and Public Administration
B.S. 1965, M.S. 1967, Ph.D. 1969, University of Wisconsin
Kimberly Stern, Assistant Professor of Writing
B.A. 1999, Reed College; M.A., Ph.D. 2005, Princeton University
Robert P. Stoker, Associate Professor of Political Science and of Public Policy and Public Administration
B.A. 1976, Ohio State University; M.A. 1979, Ph.D. 1983, University of Maryland
Allyson Currin Stokes, Adjunct Assistant Professor of English and of Theatre and Dance
B.A. 1986, Wake Forest University; M.F.A. 1989, University of Virginia
Clarence N. Stone, Research Professor of Public Policy
Ph.D. 1963, Duke University
Richard Briggs Stott, Associate Professor of History
B.A. 1970, Ph.D. 1983, Cornell University
Igor Strakovsky, Associate Research Professor of Physics
Ph.D. 1984, St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Russia
Robert W. Strand, Associate Professorial Lecturer in Finance
B.S. 1974, Davidson College; Ph.D. 1981, University of North Carolina
Dana M. Stryk, Assistant Professor of Economics
B.S. 1988, Vanderbilt University; M.A. 1990, George Washington University
Francys Subiaul, Assistant Professor of Speech and Hearing
B.A. 1999, Boston University; Ph.D. 2004, Columbia University
Suresh Subramaniam, Associate Professor of Engineering and Applied Science
B.E. 1988, Anna University, India; M.S.E.E. 1993, Tulane University; Ph.D. 1997, University of Washington
Inder Sud, Adjunct Professor of the Practice of International Affairs
Ph.D. 1971, Stanford University
Mary Sullivan, Assistant Professor of Accountancy
B.A. 1977, Duke University; M.A. 1984, Ph.D. 1987, University of Chicago
Patricia A. Sullivan, Professor of Exercise Science
B.S. 1969, State University of New York College at Cortland; M.S. 1973, Smith College; Ed.D. 1989, George Washington University
Steven M. Suranovic, Associate Professor of Economics and International Affairs
B.S. 1982, University of Illinois; M.A. 1986, Ph.D. 1989, Cornell University
Margaret L. Sutherland, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
M.S. 1985, University of Toronto; Ph.D. 1993, Cambridge University
Robert G. Sutter, Adjunct Professor of International Affairs
Ph.D. 1975, Colgate University
Therese Svat, Lecturer in Art Therapy
B.A. 1960, Kent State University; M.A. 1994, George Washington University
Michael Svoboda, Assistant Professor of Writing
B.S. 1976, Cornell University; M.A. 1980, Ph.D. 2002, Pennsylvania State University
Paul Michael Swiercz, Professor of Management
M.P.H. 1976, University of Michigan; M.S. 1981, Ph.D. 1984, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Harold Szu, Research Professor of Engineering
B.S. 1963, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan; M.S. 1966, University of Detroit; Ph.D. 1971, Rockefeller University