This bibliography contains mainly social science references about India's Andaman Islands, but some attention is also given to sources on ecology and environment and certain other "miscellaneous" topics. A few sources are provided on the neighboring Nicobar Islands.

 We intend to continue building this collection of references and to provide annotations for all sources.

  1. General Sources and Mixed Collections on the Andamans
  2. Indigneous Peoples of the Andamans
  3. Immigrant population (settlers) in the Andamans
  4. Ecology and Environment in the Andamans
  5. Miscellaneous Information on the Andamans
  6. Nicobar Islands
I.     General Sources and Mixed Collections on the Andamans

Bhatia, Jagdish. 1986
     The 20th Century Heads for the Andaman Islands. Far Eastern Economic Review 131:77-79.

     Mentions Rajiv Gandhi's wish to make the Andamans a free port.

Das, S. T. 1982
     The Andaman & Nicobar Islands: A Study of Habitat, Economy & Society (From Tradition to Modernity). New
     Delhi: Sagar Publications.

    Sections on geography, indigenous peoples, settlers, economy, future of the indigenous peoples, and the Nicobars. Mentions that the Andaman Islands are a place of the
     nation's pride and now a "Little India" with a plural population from all over India.

Kaul, Ranjana and Dilwali Ashok. 1989
     Andaman & Nicobar: Islands in the Sun. New Delhi: Spantech Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

    A "coffee-table" book designed to promote tourist interest in the islands, its first chapter, "There's a Place in the Sun," begins with mention of the islands' being "lapped
     by incessant, white-foamed, crested waves..." The chapter on "The People" contains serious errors such as " will find that old, accepted tribal barriers have almost
     disappeared" (p. 18). Government regulations completely forbid contact between outsiders and the indigenous people.

Roy, P. S. et al. 1991
     Tropical Forest Type Mapping and Monitoring Using Remote Sensing. International Journal of Remote Sensing
        Mapping techniques are compared in terms of classification and accuracy levels, highlighting appropriate methods for mapping various forest types. Attention given to
        the Landsat TM data of Baratang division in the Andamans that has been used to prepare maps using visual and digital methods.

Rumney, T. 1989
     Studies on the Economic Geography of South Asia: A Select Bibliography. Vance Bibliographies, Public Adminstration
     Series. place of publication?

        Contains over 700 references to English-language sources from 1945 to the present on  all of South Asia including attention to the Andamans.

Sarkar, K. S. Sarkar. B. C. Deb, and W. A. Shah. 1994
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II.     Indigenous Peoples of the Andamans

A.         Early Sources [before 1950]

Brown, A. R. 1909
     The Religion of the Andaman Islanders. Folklore 20:257.

Cutting, Suydam. 1940
     The Fire Ox and Other Year. New York: Charles Scribenr's Sons.

     Travel reports on several parts of the world including one chapter on the Andaman Islands (pp. 247-264). Written when India was still a British colony. One comment of
       the author's is, for example: "The Andaman Islands...possess two genuine curiousisties: a primitive race of tiny black men that draws a living from land and sea with very
       little labor, and a unique penal colony that is praised enthusiastically by inmates and aalumni alike" (p. 247).

Kloss, Cecil Boden. 1903
     In the Andamans and Nicobars: The Narrative of a Cruise on the Schooner "Terrapin" with Notices of their Fauna,
     Ethnology, Etc. London: John Murray.

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Reid, Captain Mayne. 1852
     The Man- Eaters and Other Odd People: A Popular Description of Singular Races of Man. New York: John W.
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     Contains a chapter on "The Andamaners or Mud-Bedaubers" (pp. 388-410).

Routh, G. M. 1945
     The Andaman Islands. Folklore n.s.:158:110.

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B.         Recent Sources [1950 and afterwards]

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      Focuses on questions in physical anthropology.

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     Mainly on the Onge people of Little Andaman.

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     Discusses the status of the indigenous people and environmental consequences of settlement and economic development.

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      Presents view that contact with outside world has brought poverty, disease and death to indigenous populations, and extermination of native fauna as rainforest is cleared
      for settlement by outsiders.

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     Brief overview drawn mainly from Radcliffe-Brown and a few even earlier sources.

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III.     Immigrant Populations ("Settlers") in the Andamans

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IV.     Ecology and Environment in the Andamans

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V.     The Andamans: Miscellaneous Topics

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     Andamans are considered as a potential area of tourism in spite of their distance from the mainland.

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 VI.     The Nicobar Islands
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