Colonial Ambassadors


The Colonial Ambassadors are an elite group of students that act as liaisons for the GW Office of Alumni Relations, connecting the student body with our initiatives and supporting our activities.  If you are a proud Colonial, actively participate in GW traditions, seek professional development, & share our belief in philanthropy, then apply to join the new class of Colonial Ambassadors


The Colonial Ambassadors are an elite group of undergraduate students on campus that are dedicated to serving GW alumni, students, and prospective students.  The ambassadors endeavor to support the division of Development & Alumni Relations by promoting student engagement with alumni and alumni related activities, preserving GW traditions, and encouraging a spirit of philanthropy.

Colonial Ambassadors Expectations

Ambassadors will serve for a one year commitment and will attend General Body meetings, training sessions, and other activities as deemed appropriate.  All ambassadors will participate in GW’s Alumni Weekend celebration.  Our ambassadors will also demonstrate enthusiasm, professionalism, creativity, leadership, and loyalty to the university.  Ambassadors must be in good academic and judicial standing. 

About the Colonial Ambassador Program

Colonial Ambassadors will be our office’s go-to students for connecting the student body with alumni related events and initiatives.  Ambassadors will actively support Alumni Relations activities, promote GW traditions, and encourage a spirit of philanthropy.  Ambassadors will serve on one of four committees, including:

    • Alumni Relations

      • These members will manage ambassador participation at alumni-related events, coordinate a joint ambassador-alumni service project, and propose new avenues of servicing students through alumni relations programs.
    • Community Building
      • This committee will coordinate the organization’s internal activities, including social events like going out for ice cream and to athletic events, and also professional development opportunities.
    • Traditions & School Spirit
      • These ambassadors will work with campus partners to promote GW traditions, like George’s Birthday and Midnight Breakfast.  They will manage co-sponsorships with other student organizations, work with Senior Class Gift, and use their creativity to plan new GW spirit initiatives.
    • Public Relations & Recruitment
      • This committee will produce an internal newsletter, keep minutes, take pictures, and work on our social networking sites.  They will also be in charge of membership recruitment.

Here’s just sampling of events you might help coordinate and plan as a Colonial Ambassador:

    • Student Alumni Programs, like the Dinner with Alumni, the “How do I become A” lecture series
    • Alumni Weekend
    • Awards Ceremonies
    • Networking Events
    • Campus Traditions, like George’s Birthday Bonfire & Midnight Breakfast
    • Sporting Events
    • Ambassadors will also have the chance to coordinate their own programs, like social activities, professional development luncheons, etiquette dinners, & more!

Colonial Ambassador Benefits:

Colonial Ambassadors will have access to some of the most meaningful events on campus, constantly networking with esteemed alumni, university staff, and fellow students.  Our members will also have access to professional development activities, learn about event planning, and actively engage in marketing activities; all while making new friendships and promoting GW values.

Upon entry into the Colonial Ambassador program, members will be presented with GW memorabilia and exclusive ambassador swag.

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