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We have some great events lined up for Alumni Reunion Weekend! These are some of the highlights:

  • Latin-themed All-Alumni Kick-off Celebration on University Yard
  • Yankees vs. Orioles Game & Tailgate Party at Camden Yards
  • Brunch with President Knapp featuring a Malagasy band
  • Screening of Breach with Eric O'Neill, J.D. '03
  • "Back to Thurston" Reception and Tour
  • Admissions Information Session
  • Alternate Reality Games Demo Presentation
  • "Then and Now" Campus Tours with University Historian
  • Alumni Achievement Awards Brunch
  • How Do I Become a Space Tourist: Anousheh Ansari, M.S. '92
  • "Classes without Quizzes" on sustainable gardening, immigrants and Washington, crime in the news, genomics, and more!
  • John McLaughlin concert
  • Class of 1982 25th Reunion at the City View Room!


Members of the Class of 1981 at Alumni Reunion Weekend 2006

Every issue of your 1982 reunion newsletter will include profiles of fellow graduates. E-mail us at to suggest classmates to profile.

Alumni Spotlight: Pilar Franzoni Paul
Originally from Mexico City, Pilar Franzoni Paul, took a nontraditional course to GW.

" After being tempted by a public relations job at Banamex, the leading private bank in Mexico City, she made a decision to drop out of college at Escuela Libre de Derecho (law school). After that, Pilar realized she wanted to work with the Mexican Foreign Service. "I wanted to see the world and represent my country," she says.

Pilar found a job working in Washington, D.C., at the Mexican Embassy. "Working in the Ambassador's office was a dream," says Pilar. "It was challenging, and a lot of hard work and long hours, but I enjoyed it very much."

After moving to New York City and then Paris, Pilar came back to D.C. and was introduced to a German man working at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) who wanted to learn Spanish. Two years and many Spanish lessons later, they were married. Faced with this major life change, Pilar considered going back to school. She researched the universities in the D.C. area to find the best fit. "My decision was final; it had to be George Washington University," says Pilar.

"It was difficult at first to find my place among younger students," explains Pilar, "Especially in the introductory courses of business administration, but I was not alone; GW seems to attract people with a working background."

After realizing how long it would take to earn her degree, Pilar asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico for a permanent leave of absence, risking the post in Washington. "Going full time as a student was the best time I ever had," she says. "I had great friends and fellow classmates, and it was particularly interesting for me as a Mexican to integrate into a mostly American student life. GW also had a very international student body, which was particularly attractive to me. I embraced my graduation in 1982 with great joy for my personal accomplishment, but also with sadness because I would no longer be a student at GW."

In the summer of 1982, Pilar regained a post at the Mexican Embassy in Washington as press attaché, a post she held until 1986, when she resigned from the Mexican Foreign Service. Two things made her decision to resign easy: her sons, Stephan and Christian, then ages 3 and 1, respectively, and her never-ending desire to start new projects.

In June 1987, Pilar established Inter-Service, Inc., a consulting firm focusing on the U.S. and Latin America, particularly Mexico. She worked on trade registrations, representing companies, establishing companies, and many other projects.

Pilar's oldest son, Stephan, graduated from GW in 2007 with a degree in finance and international business, and has been hired by Leahman Bros. in London. Christian, a senior at McDaniels College, is studying International Relations. Pilar's husband, Helmut, has retired from IFC and is active as an advisor and board member in Latin American Business. Pilar is ready for a new challenge in addition to the promotion of Mexican Artists in the U.S. 

Pilar is a member of the 25th Reunion Committee and is looking forward to catching up with old friends at Alumni Reunion Weekend. She hopes many will attend. You can contact Pilar at


  • The first issue of USA Today is published.
  • Disney Futuristic Park EPCOT (ExPerimental Community Of Tomorrow) is opened.
  • The Soviet Spaceship Vanera 13 lands on Venus and sends back color photographs.
  • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C.
  • A brutal cold snap sends temperatures to record lows in cities throughout the Midwest.
  • Wayne Gretzky scores his 77th goal of the NHL season, breaking the previous record of 76.
  • 61-year-old Barney Clark becomes the first person to receive a permanent artificial heart.

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Joe Corbett
Joel Bolstein
John Byrne
John Gaffney
Jon Belinkie
Kamelia Roshanian (Motlagh)
Keith Shapiro
Kirby Behre
Laura Bird Workman
Layla Hogan (Arkilic)
Lee Cotton
Len Treihaft
Linda Caplis
Lori Montgomery (Aslanian)
Lorraine Breitman Eras
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Mickey Gottlieb
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Nick Bullman
Nina Ann Fisher
Ondine Marquer
Pamela Hunter
Patti Sheer
Penelope Penny Yao
Peter Tonon
Phyllis Friello
Pilar Franzoni Paul
Randall Roger
Rich Zahradnik
Robbie Friedberg
Robert Valero
Robin Strickberger Krantz
Russell Brody
Sara Shannon Russell
Sharon Gold Fisher
Sheri Michaels
Sheri Roder
Stephen Cornman
Stephen Lebau
Stephen Meyers
Steve Doherty
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Stuart Stein


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