Alumni Weekend 2009


Athletics Reunion
October 2-4, 2009

This year marked the first ever GW Athletics Reunion.  With 22 current varsity sports and 26 club sports, athletics is at the heart of student involvement at GW.  From Athletics Hall of Famers to members of the various sports teams of GW, we invited all former student athletes back to D.C. to celebrate this monumental occasion.

The Athletics Reunion began on Friday, October 2 with the debut of the Charles E. Smith Center's renovated floor during a volleyball match. Later, alumni were invited to the all sports GW Athletics Reunion Celebration at 1957 E Street NW.  The celebration offered alumni the opportunity to catch up with former teammates, view old photos, and hear updates about GW Athletics.

In order to have a full weekend of events celebrating GW Athletics the following teams also hosted a team-related activity:

  • Baseball
  • Cross Country
  • Gymnastics
  • Women’s Lacrosse
  • Rugby
  • Men’s & Women’s Rowing
  • Men's & Women's Soccer
  • Men's & Women’s Swimming  
  • Women's Tennis
  • Volleyball

View a slideshow of some of the weekend's highlights here.

For more photos, view the complete gallery on Flickr.

 Special Thanks to the Reunion Committee
for making the Athletics Reunion a Terrific Success!

  • Helen Andrews, CCAS '99, Tennis
  • Marc Broderick, CCAS '93, Swimming
  • Janine Brown, GWSB '08, Volleyball
  • Richard Cliff, CCAS, '87, Soccer
  • Peter Clifford, ESIA '98, Water Polo
  • Susie Coggin, CCAS '02, Tennis
  • Georges Edeline, GWSB '71 & GSEHD '76, Soccer
  • Kemba Ford, SPHHS '00, Athletic Training
  • Brad Friedlander, GWSB '03, Golf
  • Jessica Gross, CCAS '03, Cross Country
  • Antoine Hart, CCAS '95, Basketball
  • Matt Hutson, CCAS '96, Water Polo
  • Jennifer Ippolito, CCAS '97, Soccer
  • Sarah Jo Lawrence, CCAS '08 Basketball
  • Devin McCalla, CCAS '02, Gymnastics
  • Ed McKee, Athletics Development
  • Lindsay Melvin, CCAS ’08, Lacrosse
  • Ben Reno-Weber, ESIA '02, Rugby
  • Jeremy Rohen, GWSB '97 & '99, Golf
  • Rebecca Schumer, SPHHS "06, Soccer & Softball
  • Tanya Vogel, SMHS '96, SPHHS '99 & GWSB '06, Soccer