Resources: Global Shakespeares

Global Shakespeares open-access digital video archive, ed. Alexander Huang and Peter Donaldson

Teaching in a Digital World by Alexander Huang

MIT Global Shakespeares

The World Shakespeare Bibliography (WSB)

Hamlet Sommer, Kronborg Castle, Denmark

Shakespeare Around the Globe (Internet Shakespeare Editions, Michael Best)

Shakespeare in Europe (University of Basel, Switzerland)

Société Française Shakespeare

Canadia Adaptations of Shakespeare (University of Guelph)

Asian Shakespeares Visuals Database (Alex Huang)

Shakespeare on Screen in Francophonia (Université Montpellier III)

Shakespeare Performance in Asia (MIT)

Shakespeare in Asia by the Stanford Shakespeare Institute Planning Group

Shakespeare in China by John Gillies and Li Ruru

Shakespeare in Japan by John Gillies and Ryuta Minami

Shakespeare in Japan by Daniel Gallimore, Japan Women's University, Tokyo

Shakespeare in India by speakers at the Stanford Shakespeare in Asia conference

Shakespeare Performance in the New Asias, a conference in Singapore

Shakespeare Society of Southern Africa

Shakespeare in Russian

Shakespeare in Turkish

Australian and New Zealand Shakespeare Association

The Maori Merchant of Venice

Shakespeare's Staging (UC Berkeley)

Royal Shakespeare Company's Online Play Guides

Royal Shakespeare Company

List of Shakespeare Associations across the globe

Hamlet on the Ramparts

Shakespeare Eccentricity in Film and Media, Richard Burt

Penn State Committee for Early Modern Studies


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