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Asian Theatre Journal

Volume 28, Number 1, Spring 2011

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E-ISSN: 1527-2109 Print ISSN: 0742-5457

Table of Contents

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From the Editor
p. iii


Asian Shakespeare 2.0
pp. 1-6
Shakespeare-Asian Theatre Fusions: Globe-"alization" of Naked Masks (Bangkok), Shadowlight (San Francisco), and Setagaya Public Theatre (Tokyo)
pp. 7-43
Toward a Poetic Minimalism of Violence: On Tang Shu-wing's Titus Andronicus 2.0
pp. 44-66
"Ancestral Shades": The Arti Foundation and the Practice of Pelestarian in Contemporary Bali
pp. 67-103
Shamanism in Korean Hamlets since 1990: Exorcising Han
pp. 104-128
Otelo, Intercultural Spectatorship, and Ocular Proof
pp. 129-148
Cultural Imperialism and Intercultural Encounter in Merchant Ivory's Shakespeare Wallah
pp. 149-167

Debut Panel Paper

Political Theatre: The Rise and Fall of Rome and The Sword of Freedom, Two Translations of Julius Caesar in Meiji Japan by Kawashima Keizō and Tsubouchi Shōyō
pp. 168-183

Artists' Reflections

King Lear in Beijing and Hong Kong
pp. 184-198
Another Midsummer Night's Dream in Ho Chi Minh City
pp. 199-221
A Bangzi Merchant of Venice in Taipei: Yue/Shu (Bond)
pp. 222-233
Ku Na'uka's Hamlet in Tokyo: An Interview with Miyagi Satoshi
pp. 234-243

Online Media Report

Global Shakespeares and Shakespeare Performance in Asia: Open-Access Digital Video Archives
pp. 244-250

Exhibit Review

Imagining China: The View from Europe, 1550-1700 (review)
pp. 251-256

Performance Reviews

Tempesutu arashi nochi hare (The Tempest: Sunshine after the Storm) (review)
pp. 257-261
Yi Sang Counts to Thirteen (review)
pp. 261-266

Book Reviews

Shakespeare in Hollywood, Asia, and Cyberspace (review)
pp. 267-269
Shakespeare in Asia: Contemporary Performance (review)
pp. 269-272
Cambodian Dance: Celebration of the Gods (review)
pp. 272-275
Danjūrō's Girls: Women on the Kabuki Stage (review)
pp. 275-277

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