The Master of Arts degree in Philosophy develops the critical thinking, close reading, persuasive writing and oral communication skills needed for success in a doctoral program or teaching career. Students that graduate from this degree track often go on to obtain their PhD in Philosophy or a related field, such as political theory, biomedical ethics and gender studies. Others draw upon the broad base of philosophical knowledge to instruct at a secondary or two-year college level.

Immunohematology and Biotechnology

Immunohematology, also called blood banking, is a field within the Medical Laboratory Science profession that focuses on studying human immunologic reactions as they relate to disease processes and clinical manifestations of blood disorders. The clinical laboratory has traditionally used conventional methods to perform tests and assays for the purpose of aiding in human disease diagnosis. Over the years, there have been significant advances in biotechnologies.

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The George Washington University's extensive academic programs, stimulating community and access to exceptional city assets provide a unique and extraordinary education experience for both undergraduate and graduate students. With a world-class faculty and numerous locations throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, we're sure we offer a program that is right for you.

Undergraduate Admissions

Each year we receive applications from competitive and talented candidates, and we look for students who have the academic preparation, personal qualities and motivation to thrive in our environment.

Every year, we welcome freshmen, transfer students and international students to our campus. Each of these groups has specific application requirements. Please consult the information that pertains to your application status to determine your requirements. We accept the Common Application, which must be submitted electronically.

Graduate Admissions

GW offers more than 200 master's, doctoral and graduate certificate programs designed to fit our students' needs.

Admissions requirements and criteria vary by school and program, and the processing of your application and admissions decisions are handled by the individual school. If you have questions regarding your application, admission requirements, or timelines, contact the admissions office for the program to which you are applying. You may apply online through our Graduate Application Center

Opportunity Comes Knocking

For each of the past 25 years, the George Washington University has offered eight deserving and inspiring DC seniors the opportunity of a lifetime: the opportunity to pursue higher education at no cost.

The Stephen Joel Trachentberg Scholarship program has recognized eight District students each year since 1989 with the chance to pursue four years of schooling at GW at no cost. The university’s undergraduate admissions team selects nominated students based on GPA, SAT scores, course study, teacher recommendations, leadership qualities and extracurricular activities.

On a snowy morning with George and a camera crew in tow, GW President Steven Knapp surprised each hard-working senior at his or her school with the news that a college education was on us. Get to know each SJT scholar below, and watch the day unwind through social media and news articles in our Storify.

School Without Walls

The School Without Walls Exposure Program provides opportunities for qualified students and staff within School Without Walls to take classes at GW and earn academic credit.  For students, the application process takes place each semester (fall, spring and summer) and eligibility requirements as well as general information can be found on the School Without Walls website. Students interested in learning more about the application process should speak to a School Without Walls Guidance Counselor.

School Without Walls staff interested in taking courses at GW through the Exposure Program require the approval of the SWW principal. Availability is subject to allotted course limits for the current academic year, beginning in the fall semester and ending each year in the summer semester. Questions regarding the process can be directed to the School Without Walls Guidance Counselor.

Admitted Students

  1. Submit your Declaration of Intent to the admissions representative who processed your application.

  2. If you have not previously, submit your Mandatory Health Form to the Student Health Services office prior to the start of classes. Failure to do so will result in a hold on your record that will not allow you to register for courses or obtain your grades.

  3. Attend the required registration session (typically held a month prior to the start of classes) and read the Registration Instructions to learn more about how to choose courses and to obtain or turn in the required forms.

  4. While choosing courses, be sure to note the days and times the course meets as well as the campus. Courses are offered at both our main (Foggy Bottom) campus and the Mt. Vernon campus (accessible via shuttle), so read the schedule of classes carefully.

  5. Prior to the start of classes turn in a signed Policy Form as well as a Registration Request Form to the Office of Non-Degree Students (ONDS).

  6. ONDS will confirm your registration by email. Double check class meeting days and times.

  7. Pay any outstanding fees on your student account. The Exposure Program covers tuition only. Students are responsible for associated fees and materials.

  8. Begin your semester

Students who would like to add or drop courses after the first day of classes, should first speak to the School Without Walls Guidance Counselor who will contact GW regarding the change.

Admitted Staff

  1. Discuss the process and receive the appropriate form(s) from the School Without Walls Guidance Counselor.
  2. Approved forms will be sent by the School Without Walls Principal to the Office of Non-Degree Students.
  3. Staff who have been approved will be registered in coursework, if they have not registered already.
  4. Pay any outstanding fees on your student account. The Exposure Program covers tuition only. Staff are responsible for associated fees and materials.
  5. Begin your semester


Office Contact

Office of Non-Degree Students
1922 F Street, NW, Suite 303
Washington, DC 20052
Phone: 202-994-1972
Fax: 202-994-9360

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions

Summer classes at the George Washington University provide a unique opportunity to earn academic credit from a top-ranked university, learn from superb faculty, and take advantage of the extraordinary educational and cultural resources of Washington, D.C. Open to undergraduates, graduates, and visiting students, summer classes are offered in compressed 6, 8, 10 and 14-week sessions during the day, in the evening, and online, so you can integrate coursework into your busy lifestyle.

Summer Sessions Website

Visit the Summer Sessions website for complete information about summer options, including:


Admissions Overview

Undergraduate Admissions

This is GW in D.C. We are distinguished by our commitment to shape society and drive progress by transforming academic inquiry into new doors of discovery that affect people in their daily lives.  While others talk about changing the world, our students and faculty have the real opportunities to actually do it.

Seldom will you find a medium-sized institution with such extensive academic programs, stimulating community and access to exceptional city assets. The extraordinary opportunities, resources and experiences of our university await you.

Admission to GW is highly selective. We receive applications from every state and nearly 100 countries, allowing us to enroll an unusually bright, talented and diverse student body. In addition, we actively seek students with a variety of interests, talents, goals and experiences. Every year, we welcome freshmen, transfer students and international students to our campus. 

Undergraduate Admissions and Aid Website

Graduate Admissions

At the George Washington University we offer more than 200 master's, doctoral and graduate certificate programs designed to fit the unique needs of our students. With numerous locations throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, you can find the program that is right for you. 

Graduate Admissions Website