Independent Projects

Every music major completes an independent capstone project in his or her senior year and participates in a seminar that tracks the projects as they develop.

Working with industry:

As a class project, our students collaborated with a local utility company to develop a new platform that helps service power lines from helicopters.

Patent Law:

GW offers one of the nation’s few programs that provides mechanical engineering students with a foundation in patent law.


Bringing home the Gold:

Our students have participated in biomechanics research to help the U.S. Olympic swimming team bring home more medals.

Very cool applications:

Students at GW work on a new technology that has applications to refrigeration systems and power plants and could lead to fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Distinguished Faculty

Professor of Mathematics Joseph Bonin received the University’s 2009 Oscar and Shoshana Trachtenberg Prize in Teaching.

Faculty, Student Research

Several faculty members are looking at cultural performance in the use of language, which has led to research on U.S. electoral politics, violence and the role of the news media in daily life.