Business Administration: Professional M.B.A.


Program format: Part-time, self-paced or cohort
Total credits: 55.5


In the Professional MBA program (PMBA), there are two options: Self-paced or Cohort. The Self-paced option allows students to design their own course schedule to meet their professional and personal needs. The Cohort option is structured to be completed in 24 months, and students complete all core requirements together as a cohort during their first three semesters.

Business Administration: Ph.D.

The doctoral program in Business Administration prepares students for full-time careers as business academics. Working with a distinguished faculty, students develop expertise in research and scholarship and learn to contribute as vital members of a dynamic community of scholars. Graduates aspire to faculty appointments at internationally recognized business schools, and plan to balance teaching and active research.

Business Administration: Healthcare M.B.A.

Program format: Part-time
Total credits: 52.5

The Online Healthcare MBA program is specifically designed for experienced healthcare professionals looking to gain business skills needed to become health services managers, administrators, and executives.

Business Administration: Global M.B.A.


Program format: Full-time
Total credits: 55.5



GW’s program, which may be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis, is tailored to individual interests and career objectives in accounting, financial management and tax practice. No business background is necessary prior to joining the program.

In addition to required courses in accounting, finance, and economics, students can choose from a wide range of specialized accounting subjects and other topics within the School of Business that help them prepare for their professional certification.


The world of business is broad, dynamic and ever evolving. GW students acquire the base disciplines that give them strong business knowledge. But they are also given unusual experiential opportunities. They undertake internships at places like the World Bank and the White House, they examine case studies that look beyond the bottom line to also explore ethics, they do problem-solving for real corporations and they have contact with high-profile executives willing to talk about the challenges of their industries.


Many of our accountancy professors have ties to high-profile firms and agencies. They work hard to provide students with unprecedented access to executives, government officials and internships. The students, in turn, get unusual hands-on experience, such as the opportunity to study the stock market in a classroom that looks like a Wall Street trading venue. Accountancy at GW’s School of Business has its own undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Accountancy.