Leadership Development

The 18-credit graduate certificate program enables students to acquire skills and knowledge in the areas of group processes, adult learning, organizational diagnosis and consulting strategies.

Organizational Leadership and Learning

Professionals in Organizational Leadership and Learning focus on increasing the learning capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations to optimize growth and effectiveness. In coursework, expect to learn about interrelationships among people, organizations, and learning resulting in leaders with high self/others-awareness.

Global Leadership in Teams and Organizations

Theory, research and practice are balanced throughout the curriculum in order to enable students to develop and implement strategies that increase organizational development and learning. The program of study includes international company site visits, cultural exchanges, world-renowned faculty and guest speakers. With courses offered at sites in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, students go beyond classroom learning to developing their own global competence through actionable learning around the world.

Job Development and Placement

This 12-hour graduate certificate program is designed for state, federal, nonprofit, and community-based rehabilitation professionals. It allows them to enhance their ability to assess and place persons with disabilities into steady employment environments.

Higher Education Administration

Students in the master's program in higher education administration acquire the skills and knowledge needed for success in their chosen field. They undertake coursework, internships and other professional opportunities.

International Education

Enrolled students, representing interests as far-ranging as educational programs for children in Ghana to international study programs in Asia, learn about traditions and systems of education in other nations and cultures. They also acquire skills and experience relevant to working in these programs.

Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Graduate School of Education and Human Development

Essentials of Human Resource Development

This certificate provides sound understanding of organizations as human systems. Students learn about the interaction of human behavior and organizational processes. Each course in the certificate program is part of the existing curriculum for the master’s degree in Human Resource Development (HRD). Upon completion of the certificate, a student may choose to continue in the master’s program, at which point the student would be required to submit an application and meet entrance requirements. All coursework completed in the certificate will transfer into the master’s program.

Forensic Rehabilitation Counseling

The program offers a collaborative multidisciplinary approach, making it ideal for counselors in private practice, rehabilitation counselors and supervisors, directors of rehabilitation agencies and vocational experts.

Counselors seeking additional education required for certification also benefit from this program.

GW’s program in forensic rehabilitation counseling is one of only two such programs offered nationally in the United States.

Program Objectives

Students in the certificate program:

Curriculum and Instruction

The programs examine research and reflective practice related to curriculum, teaching and learning, teacher education and broader educational policies.

The program applies curriculum and instruction research and practice in the context of educational reform for diverse student populations. Students become part of a community that links scholars with practicing professionals, policymakers and educational organizations.