Latent Print Examination

The Graduate Certificate in Latent Print Examination trains students on the scientific methods behind fingerprint identification and how these methods apply to processing fingerprints. Ideal for aspiring latent print examiners, the program covers topics including the biological aspects of friction ridge skin, the ACE-V methodology for fingerprint evaluation and the complex interaction of environmental and genetic factors that influence friction ridge skin development. Students also gain critical hands-on laboratory experience throughout the course of the program.

Women's Studies - Public Policy

In 1982, the George Washington University made history by pioneering the first Master of Arts in Public Policy with a concentration in Women’s Studies. Students in this program learn to critically analyze contemporary policy issues concerning gender and sexuality, and to apply a gender lens to a broad range of policy questions. The program leverages its Washington, D.C., location and robust professional network to provide an unmatched learning environment for students interested in women’s studies and public policy.

Digital Investigations

The Digital Investigations Graduate Certificate Program is designed for mid-career information technology and computer security professionals seeking to maximize their academic and career opportunities in cybersecurity. Students cultivate intervention skills in incident response, digital forensics, and investigative techniques for media devices, such as computers, cell phones, and GPS technology.

Communication Management

The Department of Organizational Sciences and Communication offers an interdisciplinary program leading to the degree of Master of Arts in the field of Communication Management. Communication management explores systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and revising of communication messages and processes (including technology and networks) within and across organizations. The program is designed to meet the needs of a diverse pool of students with varying career aspirations in this growing field.

Environmental and Green Chemistry

Growing public awareness about the state of the environment, chemical product safety, and new chemical regulatory policies is driving demand for leaders who are able to understand the science underlying environmental challenges and thus develop innovative solutions. The Master of Science in Environmental and Green Chemistry, offered through GW’s Department of Chemistry, develops the experts needed with an interdisciplinary curriculum that fosters proficiency in evaluating the state of the environment and designing greener technologies.

Chinese Language and Culture

The Master of Arts degree in Chinese Language and Culture (CLC) offers students the opportunity to deepen intellectual and cultural understanding of China as well as to learn the Chinese language. It prepares students for careers in various fields such as academia, consulting, government, business, non-profit, or education. Being in the heart of the nation’s capital, our program allows students the opportunity to interact with many leading organizations, business headquarters, consulting firms, and government and media agencies based in DC.

Applied Economics

Applied economics is the use of economic theories, models, and data to solve real-world issues. Students in the Master of Arts in Applied Economics program develop skills in macro- and microeconomics and learn to analyze and forecast economic trends in areas including (but not limited to) budgetary and fiscal policy, international trade, labor and urban economics. Graduates are prepared for positions as economic analysts in government, private consulting firms, financial institutions, international organizations, and applied policy research institutions.

Data Science

The explosion of data in today’s world is rapidly shaping the landscape of our lives. This has led to an urgent need to process massive amount of information and obtain meaningful insights. Data scientists are trained to meet such challenges. Through a structured curriculum that provides foundational knowledge as well as application skills, students in the Data Science program learn how to confront the most complex problems across both government and private industry using data-driven decisions.

Exhibition Design

The Master of Arts in Exhibition Design is one of the few accredited graduate programs in the nation devoted to interpretive exhibition design. The curriculum is a balanced integration of academic, technical and design courses. Students obtain the professional skills needed to create experiences and narrative environments that engage, educate and entertain audiences.

New Media Photojournalism

The New Media Photojournalism program at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design is the first of its kind, created to help visual journalists study and address the changing world of photojournalism.