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Health and Safety Inspections

The University takes student safety and health seriously and has established programs for students living in campus residence halls. The University's policies are based on the fact that most loss occurrences and unhealthy conditions are preventable and it's the responsibility of all members of the University community to support loss prevention and maintain a healthy living environment.

The Office of Health and Safety performs residence hall Health and Safety (H&S) Inspections four times a year, twice in the fall, once in the spring and once in the summer. Inspections will only be announced during the first round of the fall semester. All other inspections are unannounced. The H&S inspections are primarily designed to find and eliminate violations related to student behavior. Students are required to read and comply with the Residential Community Conduct Guidelines (RCCGs), which include the H&S inspections and all other rules and regulations for residential buildings. Ultimate responsibility for complying with the reasonable health and safety requirements rests with each resident; H&S inspections are not intended to be a substitute for that responsibility.

The inspection will include, but not be limited to, a visual examination of electrical cords, sprinkler heads, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and other life safety systems.

In addition, each room will be examined for the presence of prohibited items (e.g., candles, non-surge protected extension cords, halogen lamps, cooking appliances in non-kitchen areas, etc.) or prohibited activity (e.g., smoking in the room, tampering with life safety equipment, possession of pets, etc.). This inspection will also include a general assessment of food and waste storage and cleanliness of the room. Prohibited items will be immediately disabled with a locking device or confiscated and donated/discarded if found, without reimbursement.

Locking Device

If the Office of Health and Safety found that you were in possession of one or more prohibited electrical appliances, they would each be disabled with a locking device. You can bring your locked prohibited electrical appliance to the Office of Health and Safety, located in the Support Building, 2025 F Street, NW, Suite101 between 8-9am or 4-5pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays. The Office of Health and Safety will remove the lock and escort you to GW Mail Services where you can ship your item(s) home. Please be sure to bring appropriate packing material and a method of payment for GW Mail Services.

Each locking device has its own unique serial number, and the Health & Safety Inspectors record which locking devices are placed in your residence hall room. At this time a postcard with further instructions for the student will be left for the student to follow the appropriate protocol. The locking devices qualify as GW's fire and life safety equipment and tampering with such may result in monetary fines and charges before Student Judicial Services.

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