Your #OnlyatGW Moments

Patrick Madl

Caffeine’s not the only thing that will keep you on your toes during mid-terms. How about running into your idol and snapping your best Only at GW selfie? That’s what happened to Patrick Madl at the Starbucks on campus.

Fan Zhang

Instead of looking down at your phone, take in the scenery. You’ll never guess who Fan Zhang ran into, gaining her lots of followers on Twitter as she shared her Only at GW moment.

Maddison Bruer

Children and their families are not the only ones who have fun at the White House Easter Egg Roll. GW student Maddison Bruer had the Only at GW honor of greeting guests as Mama Bunny. Not a bad internship assignment.

Lincoln Mondy

At GW, students have a front row seat to history. For Lincoln Mondy, that meant a front row seat to see Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor at Lisner Auditorium. And you'll never believe who he was sitting next to.

Carlee Gray

Junior Carlee Gray can snap a great photo on Instagram. But Only at GW would she get a chance to wake up to watch the sun rise over the monuments.