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Online Options

GW’s online learning options are:

  • Online Programs – GW offers a variety of academic programs delivered entirely online—including several leading to master’s, bachelor’s and associate’s degrees and graduate-level certifications.
  • Combined Online/On-Campus – A variety of GW’s graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificate programs blend online and classroom learning.
  • Individual Courses – A growing number of individual courses that may satisfy degree requirements, serve as electives or simply provide personal edification are now available in an online format.

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Online learning provides opportunities for various degrees, certificates, and courses, regardless of your location and without having to leave your job or other obligations.

The benefits of online learning are numerous and include:

  • Offering the ability for newly admitted students to jumpstart their learning
  • Increasing summer course offerings
  • Optimizing classroom resources
  • Delivering cutting edge multimedia tools and content
  • Providing virtual communities for discussion and information exchange
  • Increasing the technological literacy of students and faculty
  • Reaching larger audiences

Just like the George Washington University’s classroom experience, our online courses are taught by innovative, engaging faculty and provide the highest caliber content. And because specialized instructional designers develop our online programs, they integrate and take full advantage of the latest interactive technologies and tools that online learning affords. We strive for:

  • Flexibility – Online courses can work with any schedule and location. Because many of them don’t involve scheduled classes, students can pair their coursework with other activities like work and internships.
  • Accessibility –You can take GW’s outstanding courses—taught by the same acclaimed faculty who teach those courses on campus—from anywhere.
  • Cutting Edge – We use state-of-the-art technology to provide the optimum online learning experience, creating an online course community through interactive media, online posts and blogs, and written dialogue.

At the George Washington University, new technologies are not simply a vehicle for distance learning. They are fundamentally changing how students and faculty live, learn, teach and work. Technology continuously presents opportunities to challenge our students while expanding their access to information.