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Online Course Overview

At its core, the George Washington University’s online learning program is committed to combining the highest academic standards with the most advanced, creative, and interactive technologies. The result: exceptional courses taught by faculty who are leaders in their fields.

You can expect the most innovative, engaging faculty and content from all of the George Washington University’s online courses. While we offer a wide range of online learning programs in a variety of formats, each class provides the intellectual rigor of the traditional GW curriculum. Whether you take a course that is entirely online or a blend of online and classroom study, you will find:

  • A virtual classroom experience. Most of GW’s online courses or course components are not self-paced, independent study. You will interact with the professor and other students, actively participate in a virtual classroom community and submit assignments according to deadlines set by the professor.
  • An academic challenge. Online courses are as rigorous as on-campus courses, requiring the same amount of study time, commitment to attending class and completion of homework assignments.
  • Access to faculty. GW students who learn online benefit from the same strong relationships with our faculty that distinguish every course at our University. Our online learning program assures students regular and appropriate contact with faculty—individually and in groups—through email, online discussions, and other interactive technologies.
  • Course innovation. While online technologies and techniques vary by subject area, GW’s online learning program features the optimum innovations for creating a stimulating and effective learning experience. Using the latest technologies, our courses apply active learning techniques, promote independent action and thinking, and explore problem-based learning—particularly when it can take advantage of activities that are not possible in a classroom setting.
  • A need for self-discipline and time management. Students taking online learning should reserve time each day to participate actively in class through the course management website and complete their homework and other class assignments.

GW’s primary modes of online content delivery are Blackboard and Embanet, both recognized as industry leaders that embrace best practices in delivering courses. In addition to our key delivery systems, we use state-of-the-art classroom lecture capture, virtual 3-D environments, podcasts, and the latest technology additions to ensure a rich and full online educational experience.

We recognize that online courses do not replicate the in-classroom experience. Instead, online courses provide an expanded array of options and tools for learning. You will interact with classmates through discussion forums, wikis, blogs and, occasionally, Internet telephony. Lectures are delivered as Powerpoint presentations, podcasts, streaming video captures or PDF documents. Assessment may take the form of traditional essays or written papers, automated online testing modules, posting of visual images and audio recordings.