Image of the Tempietto in Kogan Plaza during cherry blossom season

Individual Courses

The George Washington University’s students and non-degree students do not have to be enrolled in an online or on campus program to take advantage of online learning. We offer a growing number of individual courses, both undergraduate and graduate, in fully online and hybrid/combined formats. These courses may fulfill GW degree requirements, transfer to other institutions, or simply be taken for personal edification. 

These courses provide additional flexibility and accessibility for both specialized and high-demand courses, particularly for working professionals and full-time GW students with internships or other activities that place constraints on their time.

Individual courses are an excellent option for students from other institutions seeking selected courses to transfer to their home institution. They also enable lifelong learners to take exceptional courses to keep abreast of contemporary issues and practices.

In addition to the course areas listed in the link below, selected courses in structured programs may be taken on an individual basis. Please check with program advisors for this option.

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