Image of the Tempietto in Kogan Plaza during cherry blossom season


Grow Garden Party

Upcoming Events

April 15, 2014 - Marion Nestle

Past Events

Fall 2013

October 24, 2013- Food Day activities
Learn about our week long celebration of food in the DC Community. What is Food Day?

Solar Decathlon

Spring 2013

Fall 2012

Spring 2012

  • The Chef and the Garden, May 30 - July 11, 2012
  • Reel Couscous: The Migrant's Table on Screen in Maghrebi-French Cinema, April 30
  • University Seminar on Food
    • An Appetite for Baby Food with NYU Professor Amy Bentley, March 26
    • The Unnatural History of Freshness with Dartmouth Professor Susanne Freidberg, April 19

Fall 2011

  • Let’s Eat! Works from the GW Permanent Collection (Art Exhibit at the Luther Brady Gallery), December 7, 2011 through February 10, 2012
  • "An Evening with the Honey Bees" with the Biology Department, December 6
  • "State of the Plate" Conference with Animal Welfare Approved, October 19
  • Fall 2011 Film Series on Food
    • Screening of "El Bulli: Cooking in Progress," September 19
    • Screening of "Miss Representation" and Q&A with filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom, November 29

Spring 2011

  • Big Night, Big Jobs: Local Chefs Talk About Their Work in Setting America's Table, March 19
  • University Seminar on Food
    • "Saving School Lunch," October 12
    • "Monopoly Meat," November 21
    • Collaborative Workshop," December 8

Fall 2010

  • "An Eye On Food," 2010 Food Documentary Film Series
    • Screening of "A Community of Gardeners" and discussion with director and producer Cintia Cabib, September 28
    • Screening of "FRESH" and discussion with director and producer Ana Sofia Joanes, October 26
    • Screening of "Supercharge Me!" and discussion with filmmaker Jenna Norwood, November 16
  • Healthy eating class taught by Diane Robinson Knapp and University Chef Robert Donis, Fall Semester

Photo: Restaurateurs and chef sharing their experiences at the "State of the Plate" Conference in October 2011, with Dan Rosenthal (Green Chicago Restaurant Coop), Michael Babin (Neighborhood Restaurant Group), Michael Curtin (DC Central Kitchen), Todd Gray (Equinox), Nora Pouillon (Restaurant Nora), Andy Shallal (Bus Boys and Poets), and Michael Sternberg (Market Tavern).


Apple Crunch Day 2013

Apple Day 2013

The GW community picked up a locally grown, sustainable apple located around campus and on U Yard to celebrate Apple Day.

Food Day 2013

Apple Day 2013

From left to right: Dawnita Altieri, President Knapp, Diane Knapp, Jose Andres and Lilia Smelvoka

Apple Day 2013

Apple Day 2013

Pick up a locally grown, sustainable apple located around campus and on U Yard to celebrate Apple Day.

Proud to be GW festival

Proud to be GW

George and the Urban Food Task Force at the "Proud to be GW" Employee Appreciation Festival

Adele Ashkar

Photo: Expo 1

Professor Adele Ashkar discussing the Solar Decathlon project with student Katherine Berry, CCAS '13

Diane Knapp

Photo: Expo 2

Diane Robinson Knapp, M.S.

The Birds and the Bees: Urban Apiaries and Edible Gardens

Photo: Expo 3

Panelists from The Birds and the Bees: Urban Apiaries and Edible Gardens. From left to right: Dr. Hartmut Doebel, Professor Adele Ashkar, Katherine Berry CCAS '13, Valerie Zweig of VSAG.

Thomas Reed

Photo: Expo 4

Thomas Reed discussing Dr. Michael Compton's research with Dr. Uriyoan Colon-Ramos.

Students at Expo

Photo: Expo 5

Students exploring the Expo's research showcase in Continental Ballroom.

Milken Institute School Graduate Students

Photo: Expo 6

Milken Institute School graduate students presenting research.

GroW Garden

GroW Garden

The GroW Garden is a collaborative project that brings together students, faculty, staff and the community to engage in growing food in an urban environment.