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GW students will find a wide variety of interesting dining options on campus and within the city. The Colonial Cash Dining Program and the GWorld Card combine to deliver an exceptional college dining experience by offering students freedom of choice to make the dining and retail purchases that best suit their individual lifestyles.

Flexible spending with the GWorld Card allows students to maximize the value of their dining plans. 

GW’s dining plans eliminate concern about “paying for missed meals” as we’ve eliminated set meal periods so that students can eat when and where they like!

Students living in campus housing are required to participate in the dining plan established specifically for their class standing.

Students manage their dining expenses, as well as other personal expenses, through the Colonial Cash plan. Colonial Cash is a flexible, declining-balance spending program that can be used at more than 90 dining and retail establishments on campus and conveniently located within the surrounding city neighborhoods.

Additional information about GW’s Dining Plans is available at:

Required Dining Plans for Students Living in Campus Housing

Academic Year 2012-2013

Freshman (Fewer than 30 credit hours)

  • $3,400/academic year
    • $1,400 ($700/semester) Campus Dining Dollars*
    • $2,000 ($1,000/semester) Colonial Cash**

Sophomore (30-59 credit hours)

  • $2,500/academic year ($1,250/semester) Colonial Cash**

Junior (60-89 credit hours)

  • $2,500/academic year ($1,000/semester) Colonial Cash**

Senior (90+ credit hours)

  • $1,000/academic year ($500/semester) Colonial Cash**

*Campus Dining Dollars are available for use at any of the venues in the Marvin Center, Duques Hall and on the Mount Vernon Campus. These funds roll over between semesters and a portion of the money (up to $700) can be retained for use during the following academic year (Fall 2013 - Spring 2014). Students have until the end of Spring 2014 to use these funds, after which they expire. 

** Colonial Cash is a declining balance, individualized dining program, featuring more than 90 different dining and retail options on campus and throughout the city. Colonial Cash funds are available for use at any Colonial Cash partner. These funds roll over between semesters and from year-to-year and only expire if the account is inactive for a continuous 35-month period.

All food purchases made at any of the campus dining venues with Campus Dining Dollars or Colonial Cash are exempt from D.C.’s 10 percent sales tax. This can represent a significant savings allowing students to get the most value from their dining-plan dollars.