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Courses & Enrollment Policies

A list of courses, sorted by department and level of study, are provided in the Schedule of Classes, and each course number is linked to a course description in the University Bulletin


Listed below is an explanation of the University’s course numbering system.  Students are eligible to take courses in any school, except those in the Law School and the M.D. program in the School of Medicine & Health Sciences.   Additionally, the Graduate School of Education and Human Development allows non-degree students to register for no more than one semester. School departments may have additional policies related to non-degree enrollment. Please visit the department website for more details.

Please note that some courses have prerequisite coursework, and some are open only to GW degree candidates.   Non-degree students who do not hold a bachelor’s degree are discouraged from registering for graduate-level coursework (6000 to 8999).

Enrollment Policies

Faculty permission is required to take courses on a credit/no credit or audit basis. Normal tuition rates still apply to audited classes.   Students who audit a class are not allowed to take the class at a later date for credit.

You may enroll in up to 12 credit hours of graduate courses or 18 credit hours of undergraduate courses per fall or spring semester.  Only 6 credit hours may be taken per 6-week summer session.

If you intend to use courses as transfer credit toward a degree or certificate program at GW or another college or university, you should check first with the school or program to determine what credit may be accepted.

Prospective and registered non-degree students are responsible for reviewing the University’s policies provided in the University Bulletin.

Course Numbering System

0701, 0721, 0751

  • Represent an ongoing program of curriculum innovation at GW

0770s, 0780s

  • Taught by scholars who hold appointments as University Professors


  • Dean Seminar courses

1000 to 2999

  • Designed for undergraduate students, primarily freshman & sophomores.

  • Open to other undergraduate students.

  • Used by graduate students to make up undergraduate prerequisites.

  • Not for graduate credit.


  • Designed for undergraduate students, primarily juniors & seniors.

  • Open to other undergraduates.

  • With appropriate approval, specified courses can be taken for graduate credit by completing additional credit.


  • Designed for graduate students, primarily master's and professional degree students.

  • Open to qualified seniors with approval of instructor and dean/advising office.


  • Designed for graduate students, primarily doctoral and professional degree students.


Abbreviations for Days of the Week

  • M: Monday

  • T: Tuesday

  • W: Wednesday

  • R: Thursday

  • F: Friday

  • S: Saturday

  • U: Sunday