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Corcoran Continuing Education

As of Fall 2014, Corcoran Continuing Education courses are part of The George Washington University Office of Non-Degree Students. These courses are available to all non-degree students at the University. All students wishing to enroll in these courses, who are not in an existing GW degree or certificate program, including students who have previously taken courses at Corcoran must first apply to be a non-degree student prior to registration in these or any GW courses.

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Corcoran Continuing Education courses are only available to non-degree students, which includes students currently enrolled in a Corcoran Continuing Education Certificate program. Students who are currently pursuing a degree at The George Washington University are not eligible to enroll in Corcoran Continuing Education courses. To obtain non-degree status, students must be in good standing at their home institution. Additionally, international students whose native language is not English or whose citizenship is form a country where English is not the official language must additionally submit TOEFL or IELTS scores. Full non-degree eligibility details can be found on our Take a Class page.

Application and Registration

Once you are ready to apply to become a non-degree student and/or register for courses, visit our Non-Degree Enrollment Page.

Withdrawals & Refunds

Semester tuition charges and fees for authorized withdrawals and changes in schedules will be refunded based upon the University Refund Policy. Exceptions to the University refund policy may be petitioned under the following circumstances:

  1. Medical emergency (hospitalization or major medical condition). Written documentation from a physician will be required (ex. Date originally seen, diagnosis, prognosis).
  2. Death of a "close family" member. "Close family" is limited to the student's parents; spouse; same-sex domestic partner; children of the student; grandparents and grandchildren of the student. Official written documentation will be required.
  3. A call to military duty. Written documentation will be required.

Tuition will be refunded according to University refund policies for reasons such as business travel, minor illness or injury, or workload increase.

In no case will tuition be reduced or refunded because of absence from classes.

Corcoran Continuing Education Certificates

GW welcomes current Corcoran Continuing Education Certificate students to the University. This program is not accepting new students, but current students will be advised, and provided course options to complete their current certificate studies. Due to the availability of classes relevant to these programs, certificate students must maintain continuous enrollment in coursework in order to complete their program successfully, and may have earlier program completion deadlines. For more information on your program or for advising, please contact

Pre-College Programs

Information on Pre-College offerings for Spring and Summer 2015 will be available in late fall. For more information, please visit

Policies and Resources

As part of the transition, Corcoran Continuing Education students will be subject to existing GW policies. 

Tuition Remission and Discounts: As of Fall 2014, all students, staff and faculty enrolled in Corcoran Continuing Education, Corcoran School of the Arts & Design or other GW courses will pay for the course in accordance with department, school and human resources tuition rates and policies. Faculty and staff should confirm their eligibility for benefits with the Faculty & Staff Services Center and Human Resources Operations office, 202-994-8500.

For more information on GW policies, please visit Non-Degree Enrollment Steps, as well as the GW resources below.


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Corcoran School of the Arts & Design

For information on degree programs in the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design, please visit their website.


For more information on Corcoran Continuing Education courses, certificates, or advising, please contact or (202) 298-2542. For other inquiries, please contact or 202-994-1972.