Regional Alumni Programs


How to Start a Regional Alumni Club

  1. Check the alumni website to ensure a club does not currently exist in your area.

  2. Contact Maggie Wilson, Director of Regional Alumni Programs at She will connect you with your Alumni Relations staff member.

  3. Request Alumni Count:
    The Office of Alumni Relations keeps a count of alumni by region and can provide you with the number of alumni in your area. This will help determine the scope of programs for your area.

  4. Recruit Volunteers:
    All you need to begin a club is one volunteer – the club leader. To maintain an effective club, you will need to recruit alumni volunteers to serve as part of the club leadership. There is no limit to the number of volunteers who can serve in a club. For more detailed information see How to Recruit Volunteers here.

  5. Plan Club Leadership Meetings:
    Each club is required to host a minimum of two programming meetings and one strategy session each year. The number of programming meetings will depend on the size of your club and number of events in your region. At least two–one per semester–are required.

  6. Plan Regional Events:
    Plan and sponsor a series of events designed to bring alumni together, recruit more volunteers, and bring GW to your region. For a step by step guide to planning your alumni event, see How to Plan a Regional Event.

  7. Report Club Activity:
    Submit minutes of the club leadership meetings to your Alumni Relations contact immediately following the meeting. Keep an updated list of volunteers and their contact information.

  8. Communications to volunteers:
    As Club Leader, you will act as liaison between the Alumni Relations contact and club volunteers. Any program ideas that your club has should be discussed with the Office of Alumni Relations before planning begins. This will ensure that finances and staff are available for support.

  9. Communications to alumni:
    For the purpose of advertising events, Alumni Relations will send out all communications to alumni. This helps avoid confusion, and allows for one clear message to alumni. Any new alumni information obtained during an event should be sent to the Office of Alumni Relations for updating in the University database.

  10. Start a Facebook Group
    If one does not already exist for your region, we suggest starting a Facebook Group: GW Alumni in region. It's a great way to connect alumni in that area as well as advertise events and recruit volunteers. A current list of GW alumni Facebook groups can be found here.